How often do we think about who we communicate?

Many people think that communicating with other people, some of us guessed - that with his reflection in other people.

When we see someone our brain in a split second should define our attitude to this man, the history of the interaction and to calculate the possible consequences. It would have been impossible if he hadn't kept the imprints of the experience in my memory - and that's just the prints and gives it to us.

milliseconds before the mind's eye of a man unfolds a mental projection, in which a coded experience that is associated with a set of auditory-visual stimuli and kinaesthetic sensations and the other person is not to blame for the fact that using the same Cologne or has the same hairstyle as the previous cavalier....

of Course, coincidence is not accidental and we're not just got this "instance" again - we will learn something important: to learn the flexibility to change their strategy, to understand your own thought patterns and to manage their social operating system - to adjust it, not allowing bad experiences to take it in a strong position in a once and for all constant images of the past.

Guide a revision of its social panorama:

- think of any situation of conflict, dispute, or trouble.

- Call to mind images of participants, including Your own image.

- Place these images in the mental space around You

- Experiment with their location and appearance (change them, move, etc.) and track, how to change Your attitude towards conflict? Maybe some of these images suddenly talks to you a voice "mom" or "dad", but someone manifested Your traits, which You don't like to admit.

- Let these images of people to talk to You - help mental dialogue, negotiations, ask for forgiveness or tell them that You really about them (the images) I think. You will be surprised the effect.

- take Note of what images You have to work towards understanding. You can during this exercise to discover that the way another person carries a lot of Your own traits. And also wonder, noticing something new, something You did not know about yourself, discover your uniqueness by giving them the opportunity honestly to yourself what is missing in Your own way and what resources it needs.

- and of course - You new, in reality, look at those people whose images are here and so we had a talk, change Your attitude, You will begin to share where Your reality ends and begins their world.

Good luck!!!

With respect to You, Olga Guseva.
Coach NLP, psychologist, transformational coach,
expert in the field of self-realization

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