Oh, this ADHD!


In recent years I often hear from parents 3-5 years that their child is hyperactive. Often found in requests for assistance in the upbringing of the child with ADHD. Child complaining the kindergarten teachers, parents complain that he behaves badly at home. There have been cases when the advice came from a child who at an early age (3 years) already taking sedatives. (In this case, the question of the competence of medical personnel is not necessary, as some parents describe such passion that occur with a child that you can think of is to redirect them to a psychiatrist.)

What happens in reality. (Describes the image is a composite).

the advice comes a mother with a naughty child. He can't sit still, screams everywhere trying to climb, forcing the parent to shush itself, and to insist that the ADHD child (so a neighbor said, and educators suspect).

But it is necessary to get mom out the door and to give child the attention he changes dramatically. Calmly and with interest plays in the game, adds to the mosaic, meticulously draws a picture. In General, do not show any symptoms of hyperactivity.

Here it should be recalled that the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is a disorder which is diagnosed by the doctor on a number of clinical, psychological and neurophysiological indicators. Manifested in the following symptoms: increased distractibility, abrupt change in activity, fussiness, frequent and abrupt mood changes. As a rule, the child cannot follow instructions, speaks without a break, often interrupting the speaker, cannot play in quiet games.

But how is it that in the same conditions demonstrates ADHD, and the other sits quietly and perform monotonous tasks that this diagnosis is not possible in principle?

as a result of discussions with parents, it appears, as a rule, following. Mom kept busy with household chores, and it is not even reproach. It creates the conditions for the child's life, sure that he was fed, clothed in clean, do not breathe the dust. When mothers get a spare moment, she dedicates her (for example, talking to a friend on the phone, sitting in social networks, watching TV). Dad (if he is), spend time at work and in free time playing computer games and drinking beer. Interaction with the child from the father is that he takes him on his lap, the baby watched the progress of the game.

At that moment the poor child and there is a lack of attention. But not a medical diagnosis, but a real shortage of parental attention.

What child do? He begins to try to somehow turn the eyes of the parent, even if it would be followed by screams and pain caused by another slap. After all, baby punishment — this, too, though associated with negative emotions.

When the consultation turns out that medical diagnosis is not, and the child's behavior caused by parental neglect reasons, even due to the large employment, remedial work begins is to teach parents to interact with the baby. Classes consist of games and collaborative creative activities. With parents, we remember or learn nursery rhymes, songs. Create family rituals that didn't take up much time, but would get a positive response from both sides.

Performing such common tasks quickly enough, you can forget about the original problem. It is important to remember that parental love and attention to child can do wonders!

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