Oh good people, what is done then?


Oh, good people, what is done then? Why dear children raise the desire to gassiting, andalcohol, nAcilia, lGBT and other popular hashtags in the network? Where the parents are watching...? Huh? br>
Watching children's movies and cartoons, showed a trend towards education for children of compulsory violence, drugs, alcohol. Why our brave censors missed it??? The children are the most unprotected layers of the population that is unable to distinguish good from evil. And I know that there is real evil!!!! The song, which they listened in the childhood and now they are doing a complete utter x...nu. Even in gays then recording!!!!

if you Want examples, please:

let's Start with extremist works, a song about the cubs and monkeys that everyone knows:

“every little boy
boy and girl
There are a couple hundred grams of explosives
Or even a pound!” br>
half a kilo of explosives!?!?!?!? Inside the baby??? Even the metaphors for it too. But there's no metaphors here right learn how to prepare your children for execution of terrorist acts. I was just in shock when I discovered that this work is still not added to the list of prohibited materials!!! And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Almost every nursery rhyme has a double meaning and message of the awakening the baby or another is alien to you and stuff!!!! br>
Here's another example of cartoon that you just have to ban and fine of 100000000 dollars everyone who mentions it, and especially a song that violate the laws of our great Russia:

What else is necessary for happiness?
If one reliable around.
If all you care about
Be nice blue! br>
What!?!?! Anyone not bad to be?!?!?! What tolerastov and the imposition of the children of the blue???? Where to watch GROWING up. I ask you???? And where you look???? br>
Go from here:

the Boy no passage,
And screaming girls and guys
ginger, Ginger, freckled,
I if you want to,
Everyone will Rassolov
Well, look what happened! the
Red dad, red Santa,
Ginger was the whole world! br>
did You understand what happened? Boy everything is so ridicule that he is using solar radiation killed all not red. This is not violence??? Well pagabili a bit. Think. The paint I bought and these are not red already, why cut out for your Selfish satisfaction, almost the entire population of the earth??? And it encouraged a fun and perky.... br>
the grass was a grasshopper
the grass was a grasshopper,
just like ogurechik,
Greenbacks he was.
Not been touched and shrimp
And the flies were friends. br>
What kind of pot was used by the grasshopper, after which in the euphoria began to make friends with the flies and just stick with these bushes??? Promoting drug use among children, I tell you. But if here it is necessary to stretch the brain, then the next masterpiece this is simply not to do and so everything is clear...

the sad mooing,
Under the cheerful growl,
the friendly neigh
Big secret for a little
for a small company
For a modest company.
a Huge secret. br>
What kind of secret is one that is born in the company of friends under the “Moo, neigh, roar” and other hysterical cries of young drug addicts. Yes it is not a secret at all!!!!! br>
it's No secret
that friends do not grow in the garden,
do Not sell
and can't buy friends.
And so I
so running on the road
With the gramophone magic
in his truck. br>
well, Well, but in the garden growing something else, what if it is your child will get into a company with a little secret? Can you imagine what that means????? And what can the end??? And that's what:

it's No secret
friends run and skip,
do Not want
to the chain to sit.
it we can't force
for any gingerbread
and boredom baldet! br>
Here everything is crystal clear. Talking about forced treatment in the KND where friends can no longer “enjoy” it without regular doses they will only idleness and boredom. However, breaking does not let go and in the end, they skipped escapes. Because they don't like it when their doctors tie the chain to the bed and batteries. Where are burning friends so desire and in pripryzhku run away from other well-known children's songs:

In the blue sea, the green earth,
I Sail on the white ship. the
white On his ship,
white On his ship. br>
This elenochka still dominates the minds of juvenile delinquents. Still for to bypass the law of Dima Yakovlev here mammoth desperately wants to find his mother abroad and move there to live. Thus forgetting about their real roots and the Motherland mother!!!!
that's all from me, see you in the next issue to CENSORSHIP ALL!!!! br>

And this part is for those who saw the irony, showed calm and patience, and continued to read on despite possible podgorelo the fifth point. As you know. All psychologists are trying to write, but how to do it to be discussed? How will hypnotise??? br>
There is a universal recipe.
1 come up with the name. This to attracted attention. More poprosite or surprised.
2 Hashtags required. The more problematic of the hashtag the more your article will see people.
3 Subject can take any, the main thing is that the packaging was known to many. Interpret the extent of their disease, develop absurd and most importantly in the comments keep a straight face osiki in the text.
4 do Not give any result. Better finish the text on this note that the reader ask questions: “what is this? What? What the ...?”
5 Picture. Better something klipovoe or sexy to direct cling look.
Here is the text and ready. An example at the beginning. br>
But seriously, it is better to write good lyrics without absurd content, because my insanity will be enough for everyone. br>
the Article is dedicated to the wonderful officials who suggested that it should be censored our favorite cartoons. And Yes, this text is written partly by their interpretations of the songs in the cartoons. br>
all Good happy old-new)))

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