In the Soviet Union, most people are not faced with sexual deviancy. A sharp stratification of society, in particular, led to a shift in sexual attraction. Consider one of the perversions - old women.

old women sexual deviation, namely, the sexual attraction to the elderly or old age, not age appropriate and poliolefin ontogenetic regularities that are not related to ICD-10, DSM-5 to paraphilias.

What is the age difference between partners is the most acceptableolder Man lemutkina to 5 over 5 to 10 over lemutkina from 10 to 15 lemutkina over 15 to 20 lemutkina over 25The woman older legendia to 5 over 5 to 10 over letitshine from 10 to 15 legendia over 15 to 20 legendia over 25 years


  • lack of care, affection in infancy by adults. In such families, as a rule, girls are infantile temperament, looking for a partner older than age to replace his father (they are not interested in the body, namely age), and the guys are looking for a partner who can compensate a mother's attention and care;
  • lack of attention in adolescence from parents, the violation of any connection with him;
  • low self-esteem and lack of confidence (feeling unattractive (th) and sexually to peers);
  • the result of corruption and abuse of children, teenagers, elderly people;
  • sexual dysfunction (weak erections in guys, weak orgasm in girls);
  • unsuccessful, traumatic sexual intercourse with his peers;
  • attempt to hide the homosexual orientation;
  • sadistic-masochistic tendencies (can include getting pleasure from the humiliation of the weak).

According to the scientists, the optimum age difference between partners is 5-7 years. While older men ought to be.

As a rule, the tendency for old women is manifested in the difference in age of more than 20 years, as between the partners there is a difference in views, tastes, interests, etc. however, in science there is only one approach expressed by the German physician, sexologist, Magnus Hirschfeld, who pointed out that the age difference should be at least 50 years. In an example of the kind of attraction you can lead a film "old women" (2013) about the sexual relationship an 18-year-old boy with an older man who dies after a wild night out.

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