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you Strugovschikov Olga. And today we have a guest Olga Barsukova, the author of the project "English online for younger students", English teacher, Internet coach. Olga, of course, mother. And she has a young son who is 1 year old.

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  • About the importance of career and personal development for moms
  • choice of profession
  • Time management for moms
  • Tips moms search favorite work from Olga Barsukova

the Text version of the interview with Olga Barsukova

Olga S. "mother's career": Hello! You Strugovschikov Olga and today the project "mother's career" - Olga Barsukova - the author of the "English online for younger students". And, of course, Olga is also a mother, her son, he turned one year old. And Olga is now studying. After she received the first degree in accounting, she is studying to be a teacher of foreign languages in one of the most famous University of the country. Olga, Hello!

Olga B. "English online": Hello Olga and welcome, dear listeners.

Olga S. "mother's career": Olga, first question. What do you think for women is career and what is your personal attitude to self-realization of women in the profession? And have you changed it due to the fact that you had your baby?

Career women and moms-realization

Olga B. "English online": I believe that a woman can very easily blend in with the husband, children, life.

careers is just some kind of private area, private space for women, where she can implement yourself.

That's my attitude for self-realization... For me, of course, the most important thing is family, but self-realization is also important. And this is the opportunity every day to do what I love, to grow, to communicate with interesting people, and of course, earn income. Home and life for me is not enough. Perhaps I was raised. After the birth of a son... Rather, my attitude to his career changed after the birth of her son, and after the marriage. I.e. before I was married, I thought I was 8 hours out in the office, climb the corporate ladder. But when I got married, I realized that family is the most important, I want to have children and to deal with them itself, i.e. not to hire a nanny, don't ask the grandparents to sit, and to practice the most and, in General, career faded into the background. Still, I think it is very important, it should competently fit in a family life.

Olga S. "mother's career": Thank you, Olga. Resonates what you said is very similar to my feelings of what constitutes a career for women, what place it can be, and in principle, it is also valuable and it is important to fit. Olga, I almost everyone who comes to us asking this question. What did you want to become a child and then what happened? What is your work history, what's your story?

Olga B. "English online": I dreamed of becoming a dentist, oddly enough. And I really liked it... I went, it was rare, but I came to the reception, and I was just hypnotized by the table next to the chair where all sorts of bottles, cups, puzyrechki. I was wondering how the doctor knows? That it where it lays? Here I must rise, and also I will disassemble and I will be a dentist. Here's a funny story. But no dentist I did not, and I my first experience was in high school. Between 10m and 11m class during the summer holidays I went to the now famous Auchan hypermarket and began working as a packer. I was just wondering to get a job. I went by myself, no one with me did not. I went, it was very scary. Got a couple of months job, saved some money for a computer. Ie I saved up, and parents are some of given. Of course, he continued his studies at the school. After school he went to University to become an accountant and worked half a year as an accountant. Realized that it is absolutely not mine, that I can't sit in the office and was admitted to the second University to be a teacher of foreign languages. And practiced English with the child. Continue to advise and asking for help became my mother's friends, they also have children. Also, while studying, I taught younger students painting on fabric once a week a couple of years. This experience with younger students I had. Well, now I went to the Internet, the Internet has become a coach and develop your project for three months.

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