Olympics! What to do if you lose your?

the Article is dedicated to all those who actively more for our team at the Olympics 2018. The 13th day of the Olympics, the situation is deplorable. Look at the medal standings: we are at 20. Why is it so hard to survive when your losing? The key word here is "their". Because you identify yourself with them. As if they didn't lose and I missed the goal, fell on the ice, slipped, made a wrong decision And the stronger the identification, the more it hurts to watch. Of course, if you never watched sports, and then just sat down for 5 minutes to watch , too, would be unpleasant, but not as if you are an ardent fan and, besides, even, and a patriot of his country. Here and there real feelings, a real flurry of emotions. No team loses and I lose. Then at least the ambulance call. What in this case? There are several strategies:

  • Chat with friends, have a drink, something to break eventually. There are many ways that can help. Among them, there are ways how aggressive bupivacaine approach and slesa - valvetehnika, uvlekatelnoe and razgovarivala.
  • the Second option is to try to resolve the issue. The problem is that to solve this issue by yourself is not possible. You can't marry them on the road, to fire the gun. Therefore, this option was also dismissed. Or not! You can donate money for the development of football in the country, to invest in the development of some sort of section in your city. It will largely depend on your desire to do it. The path is difficult, but the road by walking.
  • what if you try this identication to reduce. Due to what? Yes, due to the logical questions. Yes, this team from Russia. But I did not play in the team. Who am I? I'm so - and - so. I got success in that and that and so on. And now a little bit easier. And what I specifically can do to help? What depends on me? The child will give to the sport, let him show you how to play. Now, if because of these issues, identification will be less than you have become easier.

Well, here, enjoy and protect the nerves.)))

If anyone wants something to add methods, you are welcome. The theme can be very useful, relevant.

Hockey players, thank you! You want to identify yourself!

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Uchaev Eugene
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