Heart in chains control 

How often do you meet people about whom we can say : she has a cold heart, he's insensitive, he's not the heart of stone? Maybe these metaphors apply in relation to yourself? What do these symbolic messages? In General, the body language easily conveys information about what is happening inside a person on how he manifests himself , what he expects from the world and that gets in response. 

In this post, pay attention to the type of people – controlling your feelings, emotions , other people and the world around . 

look Like people with a "chained" heart? As a rule, they have a hard top, the tension in the upper back and arms. Can be pinched thoracic. Posture such people are mostly straight, bearing, as on a string. Found "tummy" and a small deflection in the lower back. By the way, this addition is typical of politicians, the military and managers. In General, people who need to be in control . 

If in exercise or physical practice, to raise that man's hand just above shoulder level and abruptly let her go, we can see that the hand fell relaxed, and made it through the pause. This suggests that their body is constantly waiting for some kind of trick, and in control. 

formed such control? A little contact in childhood and consider the current life factors. 
first, in childhood from controlling people demanded a lot of responsibility: good grades, good conduct, multiple achievements. Compared them with other children, was accused of inferiority, only praised for success, and not just. 
second, the parents of the “controllers” themselves were the stronghold of irresponsibility: dependent, scandalous, childish, unpredictable, and often had to answer for them, at least on the inside . 
third, families “controllers” was not accepted to show feelings. Contact with feelings were ignored for different reasons. For example, parents do not know how to feel and Express their symptoms or were afraid to spoil, spoiled child. 

In General, the causes can still be found in the external factors: professional distortion, features of the situation in education, service, sports, and other social institutions. 
the Controlling men in the psychological literature is often called contraviene. In body psychotherapy is the masochistic type, or type A. they Have a common criterion . It is difficult to understand and Express their feelings. They are unable to sort and label in the body. The most vivid feeling, which clearly recognize – anger. And mostly, allow yourself to be , for example, in relation to loved ones or subordinates. “Controllers” rarely show affection, pain, love these emotions are often repressed and forgotten them.

But a lot rationalizers, think , make conclusions and analyze. Head replaces all their other manifestations of the body and the senses. 
to use your head very well. But what can be difficult, if not to pay attention to feelings and to control everything? 
because of the removal of the world of feelings life would be less joyful without of fullness and happiness from the moment. There may also be misunderstandings and conflicts with loved ones. 
And, the most extreme option, psychosomatics and problems with the cardiovascular system. Statistics show that “controllers” to suffer heart attacks, shimmer coronary heart , with atherosclerosis and other diseases. Yes, the heart to work ‘control circuits" is very hard.. 
But not so sad, you can now go back to your feelings . 

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