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In a very busy century of information technologies people conducts and controls through the monitor of your computers and gadgets are a huge part of our daily activities: business correspondence with partners, payment services, bookkeeping enterprise. However, there are moments of communication, when it is impossible to do without personal contact with the person in real time and real place. Such aspects may include business negotiations. Very often the business meeting, followed by financial transactions, require immediate signing of certain documents.

Entrepreneurs always important to "keep your nose to the wind". The smell, it would seem that such a small thing, but it plays an important role in the life of each of us. More than 70% of the emotional experiences of a person built on perceived odors (Pavlenko E. V., 2007).

Essential oils have a fairly broad spectrum, and today are successfully applied not only to attract customers to certain departments of supermarkets and proactive support of the human body, but also help to ensure the effectiveness of this business process, as business negotiations.

Entrepreneur it is important during the communication process with partners to maintain peace of mind, sharpness of mind and high concentration.
According to the study of the Crimean scientists in 2015, it has been proven that the essential oil of juniper virgin angustifolia lavender reduce situational anxiety, improve mental performance and memory (Beard T. V., Dankovtsev V. V., Serobaba L. A., 2015).

Essential oils of citrus (grapefruit, bergamot, lemon) will create a friendly positive atmosphere, positioning the partners to the conversation and, thereby, help create the "anchor" positive memories from the meeting that contributes to the further desire to cooperate.

as a result of research scientists of Ohio in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology it was proved that the lemon oilcontributes to the increase of norepinephrine (the hormone responsible for positive mood), resulting in better mood (Kiecolt-Glaser, Graham, Malarkey, Porter, Lemeshow, Glaserb, 2008).

cedar Essential oil in the conduct of business negotiations can help the entrepreneur to establish themselves in the eyes of its partners as a reliable person with serious intentions. the Essential oil of conifers in tandem with Absolut vanilla will bring colleagues to the transaction information that they are dealing with a strong leader. As you know, the decision of the leader is not negotiable.

When protracted business meetings oil of cypress and rosemary will help to maintain concentration and will contribute to the General toning of the body.
In the room where negotiations will take place, so as not to attract unwanted attention for work, appropriate for the use of the aromakamnya.

Before the business meeting in advance to drip 1-2 drops of chosen essential oil to the aromakamnya small size. Sometimes in the room might use flavors of patterns often, they can work like a normal humidifier. The design of the diffuser is quite diverse, they fit in perfectly with almost any decor. The dosage of essential oils for the use of a diffuser is usually 2-3 drops per 5 sq metres. However, remember that not all flavors and not all people like them, so smaller doses are sometimes preferable.

When using oils it is not necessary to act on the principle that "More is better". Overdose of essential oil may cause a severe allergic reaction or asthma attack the partners in the negotiations, to significantly reduce the efficiency and cause fatigue.

aroma design today in Russia is just beginning to "spread her wings" and gain momentum. To create an atmosphere by using essential oils during business meetings and negotiations in the office, in cafes, in the great hall for performances – this is a beautiful and necessary art and a very powerful tool for business.


Anastasia Egorova
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