In my youth I was taught to do propaganda. And I was a good student, so I know how to do it soundly and efficiently. But I don't. I recognize her at the first signs and next perceive only in terms of quality of manufacture, but not in the sense of content. In this sense, I somehow turned out to be a connoisseur of alcohol, but not to sleep. In this case the main thing - to hold in his mouth and spit but not swallow :)

Then I studied psychology. There I realized a universal truth (one for all), and if this or that man says with conviction, and his words are not true, then it may very well be that he is not lying. He just tells HER the truth, which does not coincide with mine.

Therefore, today I believe neither the Internet nor books, nor television, nor even what is written in large letters on the walls.

At present I believe only the other person's feelings. Or, to put it more precisely - the feelings, impressions, feelings and experiences. It's always authentic material, it is of the very essence of man. It is a surprisingly diverse, multiple and complex structure, each of which is unique, like a fingerprint of the owner.
half of my life it took me to learn this wealth to notice and appreciate. Do not block and do not substitute their own or generally accepted, not to distort it, not "correct" is not correct and not retouched.
And now I feel it as the most important purchase of their lives, most worthwhile, what it ought to learn.
understanding of the other person's feelings based on developed skill recognition  specify  your own feelings. The very essence of understanding, as the process comes down to the ability and skill to not only to see the sequence of signs and symbols derived from another person, the meaning of his message, but to respond to his own feelings and experiences, similar in strength and content to those in which this message is  formed in another person. This should be obvious to me the distinction between clarity and understanding. The first characterizes the degree of availability to me of the meaning of the message another person and compliance structures, they are formed (semantic structure), my own logic. If it happens - another person for me clear but no more. Understanding characterizes the degree of accessibility for me, the emotional context of the message of another person that is much broader logic and structure. Understanding opens the possibility to comprehend the level and quality of energy that contains his message, which opens up access not only to information, as of. And I can honestly say to another person about what I understand.

(C) Sergey Chernyshev, 2019

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