Recently, in social networks there was information that in Pyatigorsk (the capital of the North Caucasus Federal district), some activists tried to hold a rally in support of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and sexual minorities. The very fact of making such a meeting extremely shocking for the mentality of the Caucasus, but I was most surprised by the purpose of their meeting, and I as a family and child psychologist, could not stay away.

the Attempt of holding such a meeting and drawing attention to activists who are trying to fight for LGBT rights in the North Caucasus, where family traditions are particularly strong, and looks like a provocation. I do not presume to judge who is best such provocations, but our society is unlikely to tolerate such statements, which are stated as the purpose of the meeting.

you Need to understand that there are people for whom homosexuality is a congenital problem they are forced to live and socialize in a traditional society, they need professional psychological help and rehabilitation. And the second category of people is a wicked people who have psychological sexual deviation, which in principle can have a family, children and heterosexual relationships, but they indulge their depravity. A large number of these people are interested in ensuring that their abnormality was the "norm" and they will use any excuse to fight with the traditional institution of the family.

Attempts to disrupt the traditional family values and the distortion of gender roles can lead society to the depopulation and the increase in the number of dysfunctional and broken families. Gender-disoriented people have psychological problems of identity with their biological sex, in most cases, they experience great difficulties in creating a full-fledged family.

And now let us consider the stated purpose of the rally of LGBT Solidarity.

Of the reference to the administration of Pyatigorsk from the "group of citizens":

I Want in the center of the city, to hold a meeting with the following objectives (write the essence, without flowery legal language):

a) required the administration of Pyatigorsk, OMVD across Pyatigorsk, Pyatigorsk Prosecutor's office, etc., to protect the constitutional rights of members of the LGBT community, is on the basis of the Decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation from September 23, 2014 No. 24-P of the social group of individuals "with a certain sexual orientation" in Russia.

In the resolution referenced the activists, based on normative legal acts, explain why you CANNOT engage in propaganda among minors and the threat of such "educational activities" of the LGBT community.

here is a quote from the text of the resolution: "in compliance with the requirements of articles 17 (part 3) and 55 (part 3) the Constitution of the Russian Federation - to protect the child from exposure to information, capable to harm health and development, particularly coupled with the aggressive imposition of a particular sexual behaviour, the formation of distorted ideas about the socially recognized models of family relations, which meets generally accepted in the Russian society moral values in their constitutional-legal terms."

the Next point to which I wish to draw the attention of the people who tried to organize a rally in favor of the rights of members of the LGBT community, but not for the minority sex as such, i.e., some activists want to organize a community that is going to push heterosexual and homosexual people to lobby for their interests. Using the natural reaction of a heterosexual person to persons who publicly declare their unhealthy sexual orientation, inflate the conflict, instead of directly to assist the needy people of the LGBT community.

b) require the law enforcement and investigative bodies of the Russian Federation and the government of the Russian Federation to conduct a proper investigation of allegations of genocide and mass persecution of the LGBT community in the Chechen Republic.

the Meeting in Pyatigorsk? I would go with this end in Chechnya and would conduct a rally there, in the end, and then the government and law enforcement officials of the city of Pyatigorsk?

) claim governmental (legislative and judicial) authorities of the Russian Federation cancellation of article 6.21 of the administrative code, stipulating administrative punishment for "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors", as this article on the basis of an enforceable decision of the European court of human rights in the case "Bayev and others V Russia", contrary to articles 10 and 14 of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and violates the right to freedom of expression and the right to protection against discrimination of the LGBT community.

That is, the representatives of the LGBT community's DEMAND to cancel the administrative (!) punishment for PROPAGANDA of NONTRADITIONAL SEXUAL RELATIONS AMONG MINORS.

I, as a practitioner of family and child psychologist, cause sincere bewilderment slogans that people with unconventional sexual orientation are only by birth and "education" activities of the LGBT does not affect children and adolescents. This is not so.

In the process of personality development in children is sex-role identity, when the boy focused on the Pope in behavior, appearance, etc., and the girl's mom, and thus line up the base model of behavior with the opposite sex and form a relationship to ourselves (internal setup) as to sex (male or female). In violation of gender behavior patterns from their parents, the probability of violation of gender identity in children is very high. For healthy personal maturation of children and adolescents need a healthy and specific (not vague) gender roles in the family and in society.

My opinion as a specialist family values that are accepted in the family and society, have a direct direct impact on the formation of a healthy sexual orientation and family values. Propaganda and excessive awareness of the LGBT people, especially in childhood and adolescence can distort healthy sexuality and gender identity.

the Activists, as they call themselves, appeal the decision of the European court of justice in which the interests of sexual minorities is put above the interests of the family and the safety of children. We have a completely different culture and family Institute supported by the state, in particular one of the measures for the protection of children and is article 6.21 of the administrative code.

d) requirement of the administration of Pyatigorsk, the Department of education of Pyatigorsk on regular events (lectures, public events and more) in educational institutions of Pyatigorsk (schools and universities), aimed at combating homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and hatred of the LGBT community, as well as education in the field of sexual health and sexual education.

there activists are demanding the city administration in violation of article 6.21 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation on "Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors", which provides for a serious penalty, especially officials and legal entities for the promotion. I wonder if the people who wanted to organize a meeting, know what you want?

you can Require classes for "educational activities" about their unhealthy sexuality in educational institutions with our children? Why? Why draw the children's attention to the perversions, to inspire their curiosity and explain to them that this is "normal"? Absurd. The sexual education in the educational system, rise in high school, strictly in the educational program. Of sexual education can and should tell the parents of the children, but not LGBT people.

d) informing residents and visitors of the city of Pyatigorsk, about existing problems and violations of rights of members of the LGBT community.

the Last goal of the rally is to draw attention of inhabitants and guests of the city of Pyatigorsk to people with perverted sexual orientation.

Most people understand that the lack of a healthy, productive heterosexual families a great psychological problem for a person. And if it so happened that the person is not capable of such a family, this mountain and it is not necessary therefore to flaunt it, to attract the attention of minors and try to fool themselves and others that this is "normal" and "natural".

In our country, the rehabilitation activities of LGBT people must be regulated in law through government institutions and public organizations. You can not afford to speculate to issues of gender identity and destroy the concept of rules and morality, a healthy sexuality and traditional family values.

Yarchuk D. I. is a practicing family and child psychologist, psychokinesiology.

Yarchuk Dmitry
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