Stupid word conflict. Boring it is. Though captures the essence of what is happening more precisely, much more precisely than any kind of "disagreement", "conflict", "scandals", "argument", "misunderstanding", "disturbance", "misunderstanding"..... This is all will notice few symptoms, but not the synonyms of the conflict. However, to deal with them easier. Clearer:

  • Contradictions and disputes can be reduced to a common denominator
  • After a local quarrel to reconcile
  • Understanding replaces misunderstanding
  • the Scandal - noise and cooled
  • the Misunderstanding could be resolved
  • Emotions overflow? let it out and it will become easier.

But if the real conflict - when faced with interests and desires, both obvious and unspoken? Like horns, so not to disperse, not to split apart without damaging the other, or not having suffered yourself?

Even if would like - often does not work:

  • more Effort is needed.
  • Patience anymore.
  • Interest in solving more.
  • Time - more.
  • Voltage more!

Too much for you alone.

And it's not like other eager to help. He you busy own interests and own survival.

Even though he appears to be, "it's not worth it" and "you can always negotiate for good", the situation from the inside often looks and feels like a dead end, insoluble. Or is solvable but not in your favor. For the sake of "peace and cooperation" (and, often, in a strange sense) you're like should be wrong, weak, to retreat from an important to lose in the eyes of others. No wonder you don't want to give up so quickly!

You're still in the fight, posoprotivlyayutsya

- will Show what you're capable of.

- bring the power of its influence.

His persistence.

Commitment to the principles.

the Pride.

- Deceit, in the end.

Even if you can't win, I will do everything not to lose.

so naive sometimes look for you tips for managing conflict, urging to show "magnanimity", "understanding" or even a "trick". They are not about you! You're busy fighting and not going to give up right now.

Why you so happy (any!) allies and support - they feed you right and give you strength. You welcome the opportunity to speak and hope to be understood. You want justice, even when do not notice that he is interested in revenge. And even if you suddenly realize that was really wrong, was not there or did not fight for it, it does not change anything.


Irina Obodovska
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