On the dissolution of the relationship


Any good relationship-is always intimacy. Even if it's an irreconcilable conflict. On all throws parties just ignoring, when ideally, they completely forget about each other. And it seems natural to strive to ensure that the partners have more in common. That is to say, the base on which to build relationships that allow emotionally attached to each other. It is no secret that the join easier if you share the values of the partner, and not just take them as a given.

And then there is the challenge to the values on which the join is based, was precisely General. In the good, with their presence and need to begin the analysis, if we want to understand can be together with a potential partner in any way interact with it. Of course, for different kinds of interactions the set of values, which need to be shared, different. Another thing, if it is a commercial project, but otherwise, if it's a family relationship. I would like to talk about the latter.

it's No secret that consideration of the similarities and differences between value systems in relationships between men and women are given are sometimes not the highest priority. Not lost relevance, and will not lose, apparently, in the foreseeable future, expressions like: "Love jumped out in front of us from the corner," or "Mind heart harmony" and "Love and hate" -- is a classic of the genre.

And so, in the presence of a "beautiful soul rush", which drags the partners (or a partner) is so overbearing that the individual partners (or a partner's personality) become trifle. The value of the relationship in the eyes of enthusiastic becomes higher than the value of themselves, their personalities. The relationship becomes God, an idol, on the altar of which is brought without exception. Moreover, these victims are brought arbitrary decision, being, in fact, violence against the self. Part of it as though it is deleted for the sake of staying in the relationship.

of Course, is to delete any installation impossible. They can be changed, to "negotiate" with them, by convincing myself intrigued, that just is not done. Intrapersonal conflict occurs, the voltage increases to preserve the same line of conduct is becoming increasingly difficult, and often relationships fall apart. In the result, talk about "disappointment". Often it is one.

Sometimes, though, what a nuisance unwanted parts of the personality, i.e. a group of plants, it is possible to dig pretty reliably that weakens the person, reducing the capacity for coping. A person can live their entire lives in this state. However, as it seems, life will not be as long-still a conflict creates tension and harm -- and certainly not as cheery.

equally written applies to relations between partners in one form or another, marriage, and relations between representatives of different generations in one family and the relations of the representatives of one generation. Only "beautiful soul rush" in hopes for acceptance may not be as bright, but fear of rejection is always intense. He is the true motive of the refusal itself, so to speak, of the birthright for a bowl of soup.

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