On the resources group and individual therapy


having Worked with group and individual therapeutic process mnogomnogo years, I want to Express my recognition to all the parents of my clients, just for the fact that as we were able to grow and feed these "their children" to the initial experience and to give the opportunity of education. This is a big deal! br>
In fact, further (in adult life) if you want something to improve or to worsen to change in your life... is the work of the "child." As my colleague says one, "the Parents were given bread and water, and bananas and grouse already get themselves." This is already a work of man himself or of the joint work, the client and therapet (Gestalt therapist) ...and sometimes it F*n difficult. On one hand, the client wants changes, and the other resists them, sooooo naughty, sometimes screaming...offended, "makes a buck", devalues... even when already in the field a lot of support already and you can sort of do an intervention, and all the same... the RESISTANCE to CHANGE has not been canceled. As it is difficult to stay clear and delicate close to the customer. Sometimes, it is necessary in this place to do jewelry work and, sometimes, at this point, I understand that my fee is normal and it will be necessary to review it upwards. I'm talking about the tension that sometimes have to withstand close to the customer. br>
I Want to give recognition to colleagues, it's a big job, I would even say for the state and for life in the region, the city, at least - work analysis of these mental stresses, which can turn into physical damage of all that is. It's not an easy job, it is of course necessary and very Gestalt therapist, because there is a need to change and your quality of presence. br>
I Want to give recognition to clients who are not very clear for them and a difficult situation, are held in the therapeutic process and learn to take care of themselves in life. Participants of therapeutic groups that choose to come and make an effort in these, sometimes very simple group activities. br>
to be in the place of stress of the client and the environment is not so easy, because the therapist is the "environment", rather... is in the field of tension of the client. The client's condition that he "brings" the therapist is a vital tension between them and the environment. Levin suggested the existence of a state of balance or equilibrium between the person and his psychological environment. When this balance is disturbed, there is a tension, which causes certain changes leading to restoration of balance.

To establish restore balance to the system or people may resort to different ways of life - is and illness, and sociopathic - the expressed behavior is the dependent ways of life, a special character device or some form of anxiety disorder. All this "taken" in order to survive - so "gets" people in difficult situations of his life. But this is not a conscious moment, is the work of protective mechanisms of the psyche to restore balance and security.

According to the views of Lewin, behavior is an alternation of cycles of tensions and subsequent steps for its removal. Therefore, whenever a person has some need (that is, a state of tension), it is their actions trying to remove this stress and restore inner balance. For example - ill with the flu and went to work and removed the voltage not to go to work and discover how hated this job. Or, write "x*y" on the wall and also took the pressure off, but unconsciously, without personal liability in the way of behavior, and the consequences of no responsibility.

And like, the tension is removed...but for the time being. So you can live for decades and die is the same, never growing up - not paying attention to "what am I doing", "why" and "how" . It is no secret that you can aging...but not to grow up. But sometimes, the person tries all the same to find help and embarks on a search of a person - a specialist who can help you improve the quality of life and is the first step to the possibility to establish something in my life. However, there are times when help is impossible without the support of pharmacology(in psychiatry) can not do.

Any person he has an individual psychological structure that's been created in the process of the experience of living with my parents and laid down at birth, and this experience can be relied upon in the course of work. This experience is the basis of life, so I spoke words of gratitude at the beginning of the text. And yet, here we are, my customers, not my children and never will, they are not my relatives - I have no shared experiences with them, I, as the specialist can find in a situation of "new experiences", based on previous... Specialist, located in the "parent zone", only more stable and competent than the real parents and for that, we have to learn and go through personal therapy for many, many years. That is why, alongside specialist ( Gestalt therapist) can survive and complete the situation, which was impossible for the experience, it is possible to establish communication. br>
changes need a lot of resources and support, so very well suited therapeutic - educational group Gestalt therapy, as in group format has a place for therapy and new information about the device contact that is also important. I can recommend this type of group process, in my opinion, sometimes the group could support in cases when individual therapy is not enough resources.

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