"no one wants to change anything in your life
if he's happy how he lives now. The desire to change something
arises in him only when he realizes that his life has been
SHOULD NOT be the same. And here is a little intellectual
solution because he lacks emotional motivation.
it is Important to reach a point where you can clearly see that you have
no other choice but to change and to change your life.
Only then are you able to use so much personal power,
what you need to overcome obstacles."
Teun Mahrez

Today I'm going to tell You how to help yourself if You want to raise Your self-esteem, find inner stability and confidence.
sure - it's not quite what I imagine normal people. This does not mean that you have to be arrogant and pushy, to ignore the opinion and interests of other people.
This is not confidence. Most people are mistaken in the definition of confidence.

Confidence is first and foremost the knowledge of self and mastery of self. This knowledge is the starting point and a vision of the future result.
so, confidence is knowing yourself.
the question is: how to know?
I think You can even indignant: "YES, I so well know!"

it is considered to be... In fact, it is one of the main tasks of Man - the knowledge of himself, his nature.

1. do You Know their wishes? If you know - well; many do not know, but rather, not hear their desires. And are in the dark. And do not reveal the potential nature of creativity and expression.
the Man is arranged so that the greater the trauma from childhood we got, the more effort it takes to hear their desires. Or they are so untrue that all time lead away from the true essence of a person.
so the first thing we need to do is to hear their desires. ask yourself this question, listen to the inner voice.

2.Now that Your desire has reached the level of awareness (or You have a clear idea and without my advice), you should ask yourself a question: "And what is behind this desire? Why do I need IT?" This could be very interesting!
usually, we all charged past injuries and most of our desires are caused by unmet needs that just something we make up.
for Example, a young girl really wants the high-heeled boots. If she asks a question and will be very honest with yourself, then surely she will get the answer: "to pay attention to me". If you again ask yourself the question: "Why do I need to pay attention to me?", then this could be the need for love, to be with someone and So, asking yourself questions, You will become more to learn.

3. Honesty with myself. If you're honest with yourself, You will make your
way to be sure straight forward and easy. What's the point of fooling ourselves? Out of love and desire to help yourself only required HONESTY. No matter how bitter nor was the truth about himself - only it will help You to find the way to yourself to take in You and what you like and what you don't like. The whole universe is 2 polarity: North - South; day - night; hot - cold; chaos - order; a man and a woman. Man is a part of the Universe is a microcosm, and it's repeated all the laws of the universe. So, we are composed of these polarities: good and evil; love and hate; black and white. the
It's hard, but the only way to become Knowledgeable yourself. Start small, do not handle large tasks at once and You will see your results.

4. Realize your desires, not someone else's!
How many among us those who are living someone else's life and it permanently situated in a gloomy state.
here is an example: once I lived. I devoted myself to her mother, her husband and children. But myself wasn't there. Was only their desires, whims, and almost always - discontent me. My mother from childhood instilled in me a sense of guilt for the fact that I'm a bad daughter. This burden I carried for a very long time. And I was bleak to live. All I wanted was to get her approval and validation that I am a good daughter. And I tried my best to make her happy! But all was in vain: no matter what I do, it's not that, it's not like.
Then I started also to behave towards her husband (because of his behavior we extend to all life situations). And again the displeasure of her husband. I became darker, all bezradostna. Of course!
I forgot, betrayed yourself! I fulfilled their desires, not their own! If You knew how I wanted to break the cycle and escape! Something inside me was revolting!
And it would be very unfair to everyone, including herself, if I just listen to yourself, once said, "All point! I don't want to please You more! Your life is your life, and I want to live my life!" But I've been afraid of, the guilt did not give me freedom.
it's all over Now. I snapped out of it. And I can tell You is a huge relief to be responsible only for yourself and for your children, because until they're 18 and I bear responsibility for them.
Understand That You can't live life for someone else, You won't be able to make happy, You can only do this for ourselves and for those for whom You are responsible - Your current or future children.
You will learn to present their needs to others. The main task of this period is to learn to pronounce a new language, learn to speak about their desires and feelings.

Confidence is a learned sequence of actions to habit to them,
brought to automatism. br>

5. Listen to yourself.
the Body is the main indicator of what is happening with You in your interaction with the environment. There are 3 important questions that you should keep in mind:
1. What do I do now?
2.What I'm thinking?
3. What I feel now?

step by Step You will learn how to become aware.
Here is a list of feelings that I use, aware of themselves and prompting their customers (many do not know his feelings):
passion, greed, appetite, insecurity, tranquillity, indifference,
despair, anxiety, helplessness, powerlessness, concern, rage,
gratitude, benevolence, bliss, courage, pain,
disgust, importance, merriment, inspiration, wine, attraction,
agitation, perturbation, excitement, delight, rapture,
hostility, arrogance, apathy, disgust, anger, hunger,
pride, grief, bitterness, sadness, efficiency, vexation, stuffiness, thirst,
pity, envy, confusion, protection, malevolence, anger,
significance, amazement, interest, love, curiosity, hope,
tension, alertness, satisfaction, resentment, distrust,
confusion, tenderness, hatred, uncertainty, inconvenience,
displeasure, and valued by, resentment, sorrow, loneliness,
perplexity, danger, insult, disgust,
detachment, despair, sadness, depression, suspicion,
perplexity, reverence, anticipation, prejudice, contempt,
balance, indifference, joy, irritation, frustration,
complacency, confusion, jealousy, shyness, sympathy,
constraint, grief, boredom, embarrassment, sympathy, tranquility,
distress, suffering, fear, shame, happiness, heat, vexation, the
celebration, longing, tragedy, anxiety, confidence, respect,
confidence, enthusiasm, surprise, satisfaction,
pleasure, fear, contentment, humiliation, depression, fatigue, and
fatigue, coldness, value, rage.

If You at least learn to find them in different situations - it will be a huge step towards Certainty.

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