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To me for advice asked a young married woman, mother of three daughters. We will not deal with her request. Important here was the topic that pushed me to write this article: wick (as it is called) PhD, "excellent" graduated and the school still could not find themselves in such activities, which would be to his liking, and brought a significant income. On the contrary, her husband did not have such a brilliant education, very successful in business. And I'm sure many of you have noticed that we are surrounded by enough people that at school he studied poorly, but in real life they succeed more often than honors. Why is this happening? It seems to be the opposite. I would like my friends to discuss the trend, which always surprises me. How so? These "lax" Threeness become business owners, managers, highly adapted to our speed and dynamic of the world? Why diligently honors with honors and a huge wealth of knowledge behind at best be only their subordinates or can not be realized at all? We're not talking about those talented children who are good in school, then become scientists, programmers, politicians, or doctors. And the Trinity is not always well settled in life. But this trend exists and I would like to share with you my assumptions on the subject.

of Course, I don't "discover America" if I say that the search for the roots of these patterns should be in childhood, namely school-based education.

In school we are taught that it is impossible to make mistakes. And if you did, you will be punished. At school from the teacher to the deuce, and at home from parents a serious conversation, and even with a belt. And children out of school already with a subconscious fear. The fear of making a mistake. In addition, the students, unlike the students, not paying sufficient time learning and lessons to a greater extent learn about the realities of life and the mechanisms of effective interaction with it, through contact with new people, conflicts and outs of them, etc., receiving lessons confident walk of life. Thus, the Trinity is much stronger pumped the necessary skills for real life. They do not tolerate systems and rules. They love to create their own rules and systems. They are usually rebellious practice! They are not afraid to make mistakes, since each mistake becoming smarter and more sophisticated. There is no doubt that the best students succeed, but students, in real life much easier. So over the years harder and harder it becomes to change something in the usual course of life. But as you know the greatest lessons we learn from our mistakes, of our downs.

in addition, schools and colleges focused on job security rather than financial freedom. That's why many employees live in constant fear of losing their jobs.

In schools, colleges teach you to find high-paying jobs, not create high-paying jobs.

In schools and institutions teach how to climb the corporate ladder, not how to create companies and corporate ladders.

In schools and colleges are taught how to work for money, not how to make money work for you. After all, if the purpose of any job is getting money, then why not just start with the main how to make money, not how to find a job?!

finally, schools and institutions almost do not learn to handle money, causing millions of people to buy things they don't need, get a job, you do not like, generally do not live as dreamed of.

So think next time before you berate your child for the next two or three or... four. Better start to "give" their child self-confidence, begin to teach him the proper financial education. Teach him how to handle money. Teach him not to be afraid of mistakes. This is something that will really help him succeed in life after school.

And as a first step on the road to success as a personal and financial your children, I recommend for them and also for Your perusal, all the books of the following authors, but among them I would highlight the following:

Bodo Schafer "Dog named Money"

Bodo Schafer "Kira and the secret of the Bagel"

Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or the ABC of money"

Robert Kiyosaki "Rich dad, poor dad".

Success and more positive emotions to You my friends!

With love, Irina Attack

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