On the way to the real "I"


going through old photos, remembering the sequence of events, by chance, not even tracking how this happens, you start to compare the past and present. And now, thinking about the self has filled every conceivable space, and life experience tells me that with his height can give a clearly defined, realistic evaluation not only younger, but also present themselves.
But is it really?
How can we be honest with yourself? Maybe the question should be asked otherwise,
as far as we want to be honest with yourself?
we each Have our own "I" is our beliefs about ourselves, the real "I" - what we really are. Ideal self - how we want to be. Mirror "I" - the view of others about us, and a reflection of their performance. And we can fantasize about what we would be if... and this is a fantasy, "I", and Oh how it is not easy, and tries to get away from reality.
In the way of "creation" itself, the person has all of the above points of support. But it happens, it happens, and get lost. Hence the problem.
"Realistic" argues with "Ideal" and "Fantasy" interfere in this internal dialogue going: "Now, now, if you did it then....", or "if my parents loved me a little more, or less, then I was allowed...", etc.
So the person has a chance to clear current problems, dissatisfaction relieve anxiety, to find someone to blame for their troubles, to return, at least in the short-term, but still a comfort zone.
And that man lives, only occasionally coming out of the "perfect zone", the reality gradually returns. But not to deal with it, limit your contacts with others, surround yourself "curved mirrors". It's easier? I doubt most familiar, and the energy is spent more on keeping familiar pictures.
Yes, other people help us to see ourselves more realistically, without a doubt, but the only independent, not inverted in relationship man can give the desired feedback. Why? Then, to improve the quality of life, and get rid of all the emotional and intellectual rubbish that spoils the life.

Irina Stankovich

Irina Stankovich
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