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Creativity, as you understand, it is not only about creativity. Maintain a principle.
I was asked some questions, and I intend to continue to disclose the topic. br> Creative thinking - as a concept - exists only for as long as his evil half-brother, narrow-mindedness, narrowness of vision, one-sided view of things. Are you convinced that there is a way to live "right"? If Yes, then you are on the other side. Right only that suits you personally, you personally makes schastlivtseva, even if contrary to some "ideal reality". We used to live within, to listen to their elders, turning a blind eye to that person, to convince us how useful higher education, has this education, or is working without pleasure, and for a penny, proud of this diploma. From a psychological point of view - it's a defense mechanism, convincing ourselves that it's all right (although in fact he or she is unhappy and would like to do something completely different, but is supposedly not, and need only to convince ourselves - through the belief others have in that everything is done correctly). Can you give a similar example? I think, Yes. There are hundreds of them. And why listen to such a person? In fact they do not know what they are talking about. This is tunnel vision: low mindfulness ("I don't know what is really happening to me and why I act"), low - what-I-call - a contact with you.
Awareness is the first step to open creative thinking. How much are you honest with yourself? How sincerely you want to do what you do right now? Who told you that?
If you do not need the money, you would have to do it? With the same tenacity? If you didn't need the money, what would you do?
There is the illusion that some professions are good, others bad. Diagnosis: narrow-mindedness of thinking. Example. There is the illusion that the lawyer is good, and the florist is not very much. Miserable, tired lawyer without fuse to their work, working in a small office would not obtain much (just because he don't need this job). Original and inspirational florist that has found its niche will be in great demand among connoisseurs and earn a lot of money. A talented lawyer, burning her work, which may nights with ecstasy to read the literature on his work, oblivious to fatigue and giving up activities will be successful (at least it is much more likely). A florist in the kiosk, who dreams of being a lawyer will not be successful. And Yes, this is an example about how different can be the salary of members of the professions, and that the myth of an economically successful professions is really a myth. br> not only. Money is not the equivalent of success. Not the equivalent of happiness. It's a bonus and app. Money don't make anyone happy. Many of those who aspire to riches and a beautiful life tend actually to something else. The objective here is to understand - what's yours? What kind of life will make you happy or happy? This will be your track. I've seen hundreds of such examples, and I know for sure - it's never too late to change everything.

Marina Vladimirova
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