Once again about ... depression.


are There (these days) people who passed the depression?

a long time is not sad, not despair, not thought.

In my professional life I only knew ONE person (boy Zhenya) who was seen crying only one day (hurt classmates).

He ALWAYS was smiling and laughing.

in a Good mood and smiling face, happy nature was his calling card.

Eugene had mental retardation phase retardation.

It is difficult to forget.


All the rest (with normal intelligence) that my clients and not only from time to time depressed.

life is Life.

Drama, loss, loss...

Reduced background mood, sadness, depression, depression...

through this all.

And no one knows for certain how this cope.

How p R e o d o l e s t?

first, the household language is 2 types of depression

"from the past" (those injuries and losses, disappointments and bumps);

"from the future" (from the impending event, conscious or not: the old, the forthcoming divorce or death of a close).

And yet distinguish depression:

- endogenous (i.e., its cause is internal). Example – senile.

- exogenous (external). Example: the death of a loved one.

the Most "interesting" depression "for the future".

Because the soul feels future problems.

We are the world's first "touch" the soul, the emotions, the subtle system of perception.

Our unconscious already "saw" that "comes" to us in the future.

a Difficult, problematic situation, someone's betrayal.

Loss, etc.

extremely Painful.

We live in the soul, as the real situation, i.e., the soul emotionally reacts the same way as if we really changed, or betrayed someone died...

... And lose heart. Not really knowing why.

Well, when everything happens in reality, the inevitable event happens, catches up with depression.

what to do?

In an acute case – when the feeling of despair, panic, acute depression, the simplest thing you can do:

  1. Find free ears.

Relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, people on the street.

There is a money psychologist. Coach. Family doctor, etc.

no money, No friends, no contact with friends and family – helpline.

even if it is not found Free Ears – speak to someone who is bigger and taller than you.

And then -

2. Let it all out.

Depression is samopozhiranie, the harm (emotional), socially acceptable denial of life.

to Break her vicious cycle will help the circulation OUTSIDE: to look out, to vent accumulated anger or desperation or something.

but getting rid of the rotting inside feelings, you can start with C e l I s t with I...

get rid of them by SPEAKING out.

This is easiest, what can you suggest in such a case.

Everything else – drawing, modeling, singing, gymnastics, wrestling pillows, etc., etc. more difficult and costly.

the Energy (and its energy – and so no), strong-willed, physical and financial.

3. Angry.

it is Advisable not to himself, i.e., it leads to a deterioration of the condition.

the offenders and "neponimanie". Speak aloud their grievances. Pooris. There is no way – ori mentally, that helps too. Easing.

4. Pray (see item 1)

Let someone or something have to HAVE everything as it is.

the Man died? Perhaps that was his choice.

You suffered trauma? What if your instinct is that need to "upgrade"? And the situation is pushing to?

he Left the wife or husband left her? It's simple: don't blame and ask the question: for what so to be alone?

And an honest answer.


And – quite simply –

5. get some Sleep.

6. Sing.

Sweet, including.

Dates. Chocolate. Favorite.

Food for change

To the serotonin produced in the brain, you have to eat tofu, beans. Buckwheat, chicken...they – tryptophan.

7. And - very important – shut the hole through which the "leaking" your energy.

this is the strong emotions like fear, condemnation, guilt.

will Help if you remove the muscle "clips".

In terms of the facial, for example, works great ... simple yawning.

In General, functional m a l s e steps. To recovery.

to do. Small.

But EVERY day. It is necessary to enter your being in the new notdepressive rhythm of life. Or – back to the old todepressed.

Example. Decided to move the wardrobe with things.

You say to yourself: "Sorted out today, exactly 10 minutes. Then watch the movie". Tomorrow to repeat.

In conclusion, exercise is a joke "Raise mood".


Take a blank sheet of paper. Or cardboard. Write on it – better marker, what would be seen was the word "mood". Tie a rope. Adjusts leaf on a string to the door so that the leaf was hanging on one side of the door, the free end of the rope on the other (handy to wind it on the door handle).

Cheers. Ready.


every day, Oh, very slowly pull the rope our leaf, so that he gradually rose up.


  • Resist (depression)!
  • Unite (other)!
  • Believe!
  • Fear! to die before the time.
  • Ask(help).
Svetlana Ereschenko
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