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When the family asks for advice about problems with children, there are two format: family psychotherapy and educational counseling.

In the first case we consider the problem situation as a symptom of marital distress. A reminder that the child is not a complete person and is dependent on his parents.

Therefore, if a disagreement between spouses, it will affect the children: increased pain, delays in development, problems with behavior.

But not everyone is ready to deal in a marriage, sometimes say: "Fix the child, and the relationship with our husband/wife do not meddle!" No question! Then go to format and pedagogical consultations.

There are studied: the structure of education in the family, who is the main caregiver, the purpose of education, the methods of punishment and encouragement. Identify basic mistakes and help them to adjust.

sometimes parents need one consultation to solve a specific pedagogical problem, to consult with psychologists.

do children Need to attend these meetings? Preferably, but not necessarily. The older the child, the more useful his participation in consultation. And with teenagers it is possible to agree even on the most sensitive topic.
do I Need to attend to both parents? Preferably, but not necessarily. Need someone home for raising a family. And the rest of the household obey its instructions. If both parents make joint decisions on the line of parenting, then both parents need.
Can a child talk to a psychologist privately? Can. So we see the absence of suspicion for mental disorders, create rapport and build motivation to work. But then or family, or just parents.

come and join Anna @zametki.psihologa to couples therapy or teaching consultation!

And a question for readers: share your experience to psychologists in training. Help? What?

Timofeev Alexander, psychologist for parents @timofeev_psychology
Timofeev Alexander
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