One hundred women's lives


every day we receive from the media knowledge about how the destinies of women around the world. What determines their fate? It's hard to say. Maybe from their place of birth? Probably. Docile nature - happy fate? Maybe. Made the correct calculation in his youth? Possible. Versions, assumptions, prerequisites will always be a lot. br>
When we consider separately each woman's destiny, it is difficult for us to estimate her impartially. We say: happy, unhappy, lonely, abandoned, childish, smug, self-sufficient, independent, bossy, materialistic, dependent, fussy, and the like. Women can tell us about its internal state and feelings. But we can't 100% say what it really is. Sparing one of them, we can be deeply mistaken. Considering that she is very "happy" and her house "full Cup". Considering that she's so "unhappy", without a family. There are many women experiencing a strong sense of loneliness and longing. They have everything: health, beauty, intelligence, friends, husband, children, family, work, business, money, hobby, car, apartment, country cottage and more. And by looking at her life you can say: "lucky me!"... And she, in the presence of all of the foregoing, unhappy, empty inside. Maybe it's fatigue? Can love long gone? And maybe there was not love that? But maybe something else is going on with her....Hard to say, hormones, health, psychosomatics.

There are women who have a child but they never married. Birth for themselves or from each other, under the contract. Without commitment and responsibility to the child from the men. Or another option: using a donor, surrogate mother, IVF. Given birth, despite the fact that circumstances do not lead them to a happy marriage. And live for the sake of the children, son or daughter. The meaning of life in that baby, and forget about myself. Wife-widow with children is another category of women. Many of them till the end of his days mourning the departed husbands, loyal, love, honor. Loyal, faithful, lonely, tribute, a nod to the fact that survived with the beloved man. Divorced women with children and without children. They always have a chance to get married again, find a dad for their children. Some women full of positivity, and the other women are full of negativity. As all people are: characters, temperaments, habits, behaviors, scenarios, parents, blind spots, etc.

Women have never left their married or gone into a monastery. A separate category of women, in which there is a need in isolation. They can easily do without the men. And at the same time, the script of their destiny can change. You can always get married, and to leave the monastery and isolation. There is a chance for each of them. But! There is a stereotype of society which impose on them inconsistent labels. For example, the unmarried, it means fatal. She needs all men. She will lead them away from the family, meet married men. Unmarried, so useless. Misconception, because around it can spin a lot of fans. She's the one can not choose, or for some reason did not choose. Maybe she likes to be in flirting, Dating, romance, flowers and candy. Girl who never wants to grow up, enter adulthood. She does not seem attractive. Unmarried, so infantile, or do not know how to build relationships with men. Not a fact. It can be internally very Mature woman, deliberately not going into a long-term relationship with men. Prefers civil, actual, guest marriage. And in the "ABC" on the Orthodox site of acquaintances, there is a questionnaire in which people can specify this detail: agree to a marriage of friendship, no intimate commitment and children. Secondary benefit -not to be responsible for someone else, or health condition does not allows you to have a full-fledged partnership. We can hang any labels, to assume any version of the life script women. It is!

Another category of women - the iron lady. It is also referred to as a business-woman, vamp woman, Catwoman. A woman is talking to You his views: don't come near me, I'll kill you aptly get to goal before you know it!!! The woman is hysterical or in opposition to a female gentleness. Woman, the lady perfect woman, a light in the window. And there are such in the nature? And again on a scale from 0 to 100 points, we estimate the fate of women.

the Woman destiny, the female mission, the manifestation in this world in a woman's body, the disclosure of female essence with the help of a male assistant, with the help of child, motherhood. Not all women see their purpose in it. Does the creative implementation, the replacement of "true" women's purpose? And what "true" women's purpose? Woman itself is a creative creation, creates in itself a construction material for the fruit of love, bears children, nurses them. Will she be able to redirect your energy, strength, thoughts, feelings, emotions, potential, essence in another direction. To another, higher state of creativity. Possible! Maybe not. She will always be a need for full self-realization in this world.

Many girls -women utter the phrase: All around happy, beautiful, need, feel like a social outcast. Why do they have an outcast? How that word fits into Your lifestyle? Is there such a roleplay with a member named "Outlaw"? And then, what do you mean all around happy, beautiful and desired? I see this idealization of society, people and their destinies. Oh! How hard is it to live in Your Perfect World! You separate yourself from them, "from a happy, beautiful and desired". It turns out that You yourself drew the line, set column-limit. And that's where some of the border-line, what area? In the area of "outcast" and it's not allowed? Turns out the two camps. All people are separated from You, as there are in the area of "happy", and You are in the area of "unhappy". Those who feature is not a necessary part of society. This is wrong! This depreciation themselves, their talents, their personal potential. This suggests that You do not see a creative potential. Perhaps this is an example, mothers or women with whom You were once very close. Unwittingly "caught" her way, and now do not know how to heal. I think we need to start small - idealizing society, to stand on the ground with both feet, to watch myself and not on others. You're just you, here, now, today. Everything is much easier! Make the decision, to consider to implement (plan, goals, objectives, mission).

Women, on advice from the psychologist very often talking about his loneliness. The main theme of women: we do not understand each other; I want to be with him, and he was not; we are in conflict and fighting; I want to marry him; he is comfortable to live in a civil marriage; I suspect, get jealous, don't trust him; I want to divorce; how to get rid of loneliness; don't want to be one; I want to stop being lonely; want to be in a pair; how I met; how to forgive infidelity; how to learn to live without it;

the fate of Women - a woman's choice or is it all predetermined? What determines women's fate? Where the roots buried? Who would know that. Perhaps bookmarks from parents, and maybe the script was taken from a favorite Board book/movie. Or maybe You just liked the fate of a neighbor aunt Masha? Or maybe You like to suffer or dream, to be happy or upset? To live happily, to live your life in a state of "happiness" - all things are possible. First, find this state in yourself, soak up them completely, from head to toe. And then - go for it! Go to your happiness! And all the frog skins reset themselves! What are You?

Yuliya Vadimovna
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