Ordinary miracle or how to play in happiness?


a Normal morning, but...all of a sudden one night the world is different. The snow fell and even adults believe a little in miracles.

What other miracles ?- you ask - Why?

One day albert Einstein said that there are only two ways to live your life first, that in life there are no miracles, the other that life is the real miracle.

I think that the main magic creates a kind heart and caring hands. Especially clearly felt in the New year's eve, the holiday in which everyone can again feel like a little kid. Once long ago, when I was little, my mom sewed me a nights costume party. It was a real miracle - an ordinary dress suddenly the night turned into a costume of a goldfish. Seemingly out of nothing was born a new, magical, extraordinary...

the Appearance of the baby born is also a miracle - 2 cells appears. mom looks into the newborn's eyes and sees in them a vast world. Then the kid grows. Parents read him stories and so, through the metaphor, he learns the crucial meaning of life, the rules by which man lives. to be kind, friendly, help others and accept help, having a creative mind and imagination, to be able to be unusual, not be afraid to be different, to be yourself.. to overcome fears . The child grows and it is important that he has not lost inside a relationship with this infinite magic . It provides a basis for internal support, for clear and bold creative life.

How to play with the child to happiness?

There is a simple art therapy exercise, making you not only strengthen the close relationship with the child, but will learn it with the other hand, will help him to know what happiness is?

the Exercise "Happiness" (after 6 years)

no one can be happy all the time, but the real sympathy we can expect from the person who is feeling happy — then he had enough energy to notice what's going on in others.

'Materials: drawing Paper and pencils to each child.

instruction: do you Know a story about a happy animal? Do you know someone who is almost always happy? When you're happy that you chuvstvuesh?

so let's draw a picture that shows what happens when you're happy. Use colors and lines, forms and images that Express your idea of happiness... we're just going to draw lines or circles, the mood of happiness, state of happiness passing through color and form. Try to draw with your child, even if you do not know how to draw circles . lines, wavy lines, abstract shapes you will be able to portray. And fun you have shared!

And now let's talk about what makes you happy. The child says. And you down his words, adding their happiness. You can share groups of toys, things, things, walking, etc.

older Kids can tell what made them happy yesterday or today. Together, you can write a poem that begins with the words : "Happiness is...". the rhyme in this is optional.

it would then perform the exercise:

— Why can't we all the time feel happy?

— What are you doing that after some trouble again to become happy?

— When you are experiencing a big fortune?

— if you are Doing sometimes something that makes others happy?

try to replace conversations in the game, then your life and your child's life is the most important miracle of love and closeness. Take care of each other and comes in the most magical school in the world - School of fairies and wizards for the development of emotional intelligence. We invite all to participate in our game, which we have already more than one year spend with the children and parents. It is called "undercover assistant of Santa Claus"

the Idea is simple. Explain to your child that Santa Claus does not have time to all people, and therefore we can become his secret assistants. Choose neighbor's child or grandmother, the person who, in your opinion, needs joy. Do with baby gift and new year's eve just bring under the door. Call and run away - the mystery should remain a must! The entire year then your child will be more kind and considerate to others.

on the eve of New year, the School of fairies and wizards for the development of emotional intelligence carries out the action – Gifts from Santa Claus. Get involved! Bring your toys ( maybe those. In which your children no longer play. We have already brought two mobile phones, soft toys. books) or gifts to us, and we will take them to children whose parents are fighting for the lives of children, and therefore can't give them expensive gifts. Let our city will be more miracles kind hearts and caring hands of citizens.

Tankachova Tatiana, a medical psychologist, the Services

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