Отцовская любовь

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Dear men, dads, love your daughters hard, as soon as I can, without looking back, and conventions! Bathe in the sea of their attention, buy flowers, send gifts! Don't be afraid to spoil, do not worry that I'll grow spoiled selfish, thinking only about how to marry the rich Pinocchio. Much worse when little girls turn into insecure women, ready to surrender to the first comer for a kind word, pathetic creatures who tolerate their husbands-profligate losers, nevrasteniche, screaming at their children…

of Course, no kind and loving father –  is not the main, and not the cause of failures in life, or an explanation for the fact that the woman from itself represents nothing. But the men's attention and care for girls in childhood – one of the building blocks in the construction of happy family life.

Wear at the hands of his daughters, saying “Princess”. bask. It is so important for little girls and future women. If you have a life to get on with things, make adjustments. There will always be those who will drop from heaven to earth, who can tell the Princess?! Yes you yourself in the mirror?? But it won't matter. Because inside there is strong confidence, their abilities, their dignity. Like the seeds sown in childhood, with the root anchored in the soul. And the father himself – as a bulwark and support, and  steady and strong, illuminating the lives of the lighthouse, the road to which you can find with your eyes closed under any circumstances.

I rarely meet such attitude towards daughters, but in those rare instances, who grew up in the oasis that can be seen a mile away. From them emanates confidence, inner strength and tranquility. They have their dignity and are confident in their feminine essence (objectively, can be not beauties, but that didn't matter). The main thing that this woman cannot be broken.

recently Went to subway, sat down next to a young woman, beautiful, stylish. Took the phone, writes SMS: don't worry, daddy, it's all right. And the receiver and recorded “daddy”. It's so cool, so cool when you have the protection and support for life

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