Our abroad: the Russian children impress foreigners on vacation

with the Russians in the European countries have not established a very positive reputation. Partly she goes to the spot and on our children.

do We really behave differently than naturally attract attention: a little smile, speak loudly, do not hesitate to sort things out with strangers, drink a lot and so on. While the behavior of the children?

we asked Elena Sharipova, the head of the School of aesthetic education for children and television school models Royal Model Agency.

Elena Sheripov

I want to Start not with what surprise the children, and what shocks foreigners most when they see Russians with children on the streets, in public places, on beaches.

We absolutely will not hesitate to "educate" their children in public and do this not only cry, but with the help of slaps and cuffs. And then they wonder why the attitude towards us outside Russia about how to the barbarians in Ancient Rome. In Europe, however, cruelty to children is punishable by law. And when the Russians living abroad, selected children, and parents were sent briefly to jail or exacted from them a penalty for such an education, has already happened.

a Few years ago in one of the Scandinavian countries our child is so misbehaved that knocked the stand with the toys in the store, for which he received from his mother on the fifth point. As a result, the mom who with a "Russian" point of view, nothing seems to be wrong did, and tried for the sake of education and good behavior of the offspring was sent to the police station.

Therefore, to Russian children while they are small, the attitude of foreigners, on the one hand, compassionate-sympathetic, on the other — cautious: after all, the children their parents don't know what to expect.


This is perhaps one of the main features that strikes foreigners in our children. Despite the fact that methods of education we may be cruelty to the child (as described above), in General we tend much more to take care of their children, literally blowing off dust particles with them.

Our children are growing up in an atmosphere of total and comprehensive care from parents and grandparents.

because Of this, they often are not adapted to life in the they reach adulthood.

And if in Europe and America is normal that a child enrolling in College, leaves her house, we went to College, Institute, coming to work and even pick up relationship, the children continue to live with their parents, with all the ensuing posledstviyami.



Sdes as they say, the Apple from the tree. The lack of education goes hand in hand with the manipulation — the technique, the basics of which develops in early childhood. Rolling on the floor in public places, loud cry, to attract attention, tantrums behind closed doors of rooms in hotels and other options effect on parents.

One of my friends on vacation with the horror left the child for a few hours in a hotel room in Spain, to go to the store. And all because he had managed to get alone a concert for the whole floor. She was afraid that the staff will call the police because of those screams, but nothing happened. While her son is not a baby and is going this year to school, therefore can spend some time doing their own thing.

unfortunately, to be able he could, but wasn't: he just used to everyone doing only what he wants.

Here are the fruits of education.

If the child realizes that the tantrum is the "engine of progress", it will use this option to achieve something from parents. Why look for something new if it works at?!


Smartphones and other gadgets in children's hands

for Example, Steve jobs, founder of Apple, was opposed to his children spent a lot of time online, so in their family there was a strict control over the use of computer and other gadgets. He understood the harmfulness of uncontrolled seat in social networks and the Internet.

But, unfortunately, not all modern parents are aware of this, so gadgets are often used instead of toys order to do something with your child, not to interfere.

the First tablets our children are still in kindergarten and the first grade of school almost all acquire your smartphone.

it all depends on the welfare of parents: someone buy the model simpler, and someone brags classmates gadgets of the new rulers. Of course, the presence of such things in the hands of our children is shocking foreigners: people overseas spending are much more modest than our compatriots who need to stand out and show your income in any way possible.

not to mention the fact that the principles of education allow the majority of our children to ignore the prohibitions on the continued use of the gadgets and can stay online for hours and sometimes all night.

It's only for American students subject to such penalties as the week at school, the ban on watching TV, no Internet, a ban on visits to schools and so on. For our children to attend school — holiday. For them, the main problem in life is lack of Internet.

the Habit of late dinner and late to bed

one habit that amazes foreigners is the absence of an actual regime. Our children do a lot, attend classes and courses, learning permanently, so over the years they have produced almost an adult attitude to life, which is expressed in nothing otpevanie, late meals, and late waste to sleep.

as for the rest, here we always turn a blind eye on the regime and allow children to walk to Nachi.


Relations with the older generation

And this is the reason be surprised. Due to various reasons, including their traditional way of life of Russian families, the lack of financial capacity to hire a nanny, distrust to strangers, our children are more attached to grandparents than any "imported".

And our grandmothers, grandchildren are second children.

However, now times are changing, and more and more grandmothers on the trail becomes almost European relationship to the grandchildren, but for the most part traditions are still observed. Therefore, overseas children carry not only parents, but grandparents, which, of course, even more spoil their grandchildren, and they, in turn, just love them.

too much clothes

Foreign nationals always amazing, and why our children need so many clothes? Several hats, jackets, insulated pants, winter boots, rubber boots, without which life is not a life.

they Just do not understand that in our climate the heat waves, the anomalous cold in the middle of July, then snow, then rain in December, don't just survive — you need to be ready for anything!


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