Our arrogance before we were born!


non-Obvious form of arrogance instilled from childhood

We are taught from childhood that arrogance is a bad thing. Arrogant people tend to exaggerate your size, try to be more and look down on others. We know what it looks like arrogance and being arrogant don't want to.

But there are subtle forms of arrogance, which look dignified and beautiful. And we also taught them since childhood, here's the paradox.

We were taught to sacrifice for the sake of others. We know we have to forgive other people.

This is a non-obvious form of the same arrogance, and it is important to know about them.

the Arrogance of the victim

Quite often you can meet people who he's given his life to ensure that their children had a good. Why are they arrogant? Because, when a person gives himself for the benefit of others, he increases in size. These dimensions are sometimes so wide that other people even can't. And sometimes can't the children of the victim, and the victim is no longer needed.

take Care of the children as a gift for my mom. But it becomes a problem when children are selected a chance to care about yourself and her.

When a parent frantically to take care of children who are already Mature enough to care for himself, he assigns them their own strength. Son is not assigned to the fact of his manhood, and the daughters of femininity. The parent of this simply does not notice, seeing their children helpless people.

a Legal reason to take care of such parents is a disease. To reduce its size and to ask about the care, so people have to hurt!

Forgiving pseudo humanism

This form is that people sacrifice themselves for others and forgive their actions against them. Generally to forgive can someone who is radically greater than the one who forgive. And usually, those who forgive, are deprived of the chance to take responsibility for their own actions.

So the mother says to the son, who visits her as often as I would like – I forgive you. So the kindergarten teacher said the child. So the boss tells the subordinate, "I forgive you, but don't do that".

In this paradigm, the other person who made a mistake, remains a child. Have forgiven him, why would responsible grown-up?

Base people are able to take responsibility for their actions. Basic respect for other people is that they can make mistakes and be responsible for your life. Don't have to become more and forgive them.

But the most dangerous form of hubris to decide that you are more than your life.

the phrase "I am the master of my life" there is nothing wrong. The bad begins when you consider yourself more than life itself and think you can manage it from beginning to end.

Max, what you can achieve is a local target or formed habits, but life is much less predictable than you think.

To become more, to become less.

Sometimes, to become stronger and wiser, you need to surrender to the fact that more you. It is easier to surrender, to become more, less and accept yourself no matter what - in psychotherapy. our program in particular.

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