the Sun more often pleases our eyes, the weather is getting better, the snow is melting and summer will soon come, and thus will begin the time of exams. And a chance to show what they are capable to use all the accumulated knowledge and skills. Anxious teachers, anxious parents and of course children themselves. What to do, how not to panic and not to give up, will try today to work on this.

Stress is our enemy or our helper?

I think everyone ever felt it tightens in my chest, heart pounding, palms are cold and wet... we get in, perebiraniem fear and get on stage, for example... or the opposite, run away from the source of stress. What happened - naked body was prepared to overcome some difficult situation, he used all the resources. Your attention, concentration, memory - all are sharpened and working for you. Short stress mobilizes the body and gives you the opportunity to show the best results. The action of stress factors is injected, the body needs rest and recovery resources.

But what happen if the stressful factor operates for a very long time, but resource recovery is not happening? Of course, what happens nervous exhaustion, lack of resources, as a consequence of apathy, fatigue and passivity. 

a lot of pupils, parents and teachers notice that with the beginning of spring fatigue and surrender, I want to throw everything away and forget like a bad dream. A very large part of these problems can be solved by restoration of the normal power mode, sleep and rest. But what if all the same panic and anxiety for the future and for the outcome of the examination?

1. It is very important to deal with what is actually linked to anxiety, what are we afraid of? For example, I am afraid to pass the exam badly (it is advisable to indicate as far as bad points), then what is? I won't be able to go to College I want and dreamed of. What would it be? For example, you are responsible for my life then to end, everything is lost, everything is lost. And then I understand your anxiety and panic, if so formulated thought. There is a certain distortion of reality, which can be quite effectively work by checking this statement to be true. 

2. The second thing you can do is to ask yourself what can I do now in order to reduce her anxiety? Which will increase my confidence and make me more calm?

in order to answer this question, you can refer to past experience. What helped you then? For example, what works very well with exams, so this is the solution of an increasing number of tasks and examples. When this can be done? And list all possible options, and even better to set yourself reminders to the phone at this time that would not be forgotten, and go!

3. It is clear that you have to believe in yourself to do and then everything just happens. However, that gives me peace of mind (and this is the opposite state of anxiety), so that knowledge of what is at stake is not all. I'm talking about replacement options! There should be several, not necessarily to think them through thoroughly, but, well, if they are working. For example: to go to work for a year, to prepare better for the next year; or to study at another faculty or another University and then transfer or re-enroll.

4. And finally, a few techniques that can be applied in a situation when "the earth leaves from under feet," but the excitement paralyzes and confuses the mind:

  • the cornerstone, smooth deep diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing)
  • to bring the body into a confident posture (shoulders back, chest forward, release the legs from the clutch , relaxed gait, chin up, look on the nose or just above the head)
  • possible to do light exercise, spreading trudnuju the cage, you can compress and decompress fists.
  • do not forget about the physiological comfort, bring warm clothing (physiological chills under stress), water

if you can't cope with anxiety yourself, it is best to consult a specialist. 

the Psychologist, Anna Lavrukhina

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