Overcoming feelings

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What will you do if you someone is sad? Try to amuse, to entertain.

But if someone close to you angry?Probably, you try to calm him down.

With ourselves we too often act according to this scheme: to experience negative feelings is difficult, difficult, not always appropriate. So we learn to cope and overcome.
And what happens inside? Each sense is born within us is the specific energy, including a well-defined physiological response. Scientists are investigating using heat maps, what areas of the body are heated, what are neutral for stays of different emotions. If you look at these figures, it becomes evident that different emotions react different areas of the body. Different hormones are being secreted when we experience joy and when we are afraid.
did you think to drink analgin, when you have a cough? Or treatment runny nose activated charcoal? Hardly. We tried to choose the medicine that works is that we have hurt.
From the point of view of Gestalt approach, each process generated in us, is committed to be completed. Each emerging sense is kind of our need, regardless – whether we realize it or not. Getting the skill of addressing the emerging feelings, trying to live one emotion rather than another, or sometimes we simply deprive ourselves of the possibility to understand, to see, and what we really want.

for Example, you feel sad. Suddenly. As if for no reason, no reason at all. Your action?

Simple to put a fun film to include incendiary music, to meet friends, ask a loved one to come up with some sort of entertainment and so forth.

the Option is more challenging but useful: not to disturb its sadness to live within you; to turn to her and ask: what's it about? Perhaps you miss someone; maybe sadness covers a regret about something not happened or, conversely, hiding her anger that someone has violated your boundaries, and you do not defend.

I Assure you, no one feeling that you allow to occur, not will own you forever. It will not even last very long, if you observe carefully, you will notice how it changes. And how it naturally fades and is replaced by some other feeling or state.

of Course, not always we can right here and right now to deploy your feelings in full. But there are creative, when we know that our anger was not suppressed, but lived his life, we need a good physical exertion; and tender, not finding the exit, asks to take her to cafés or take a warm bath with candles.

If we are aware of what is happening to us, any state that we live in, transforms our lives from a constant struggle with her in real LIFE.

Zakharov Hope
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