Since I specializies on anxiety phobic disorders, social anxiety are all more common among customers. Sometimes I think that this is connected with the development of modern technology, in particular social networks that are focused on the distant conversation. Lost skills of direct contact with a live person. They are replaced with new communication skills in social networks. While such communication is not so safe.

what is social phobia?

the Person experiences tension when dealing with people. He feels fear, which manifests itself in periods of rapid breathing, lack of confidence.  Appears irresistible desire to escape from a dangerous situation. Obsess over the fact that people are unfriendly to me and want to harm me.

What makes a man in such a case?

I will Not reveal any secrets. If I'm afraid of people, I try to avoid meeting with him. Again avoiding the taxis. The person tries less to go to public places: shops, cinemas, public transport. So life itself is passing him. People often say that they go to meet new people, go to concerts, to the theatre. But… I'm afraid.

What to do?

you Must meet my fear. To study it. To communicate with him. To make changes to it. Then the fear will die and his place will be “normal” and “daily routine” of the situation of social interaction.

How to do?

here is an example where I decided to go to elements art therapy. I am a supporter of short-term working methods and decided to use art therapy as a short-term method.

I asked the client to draw his fear of communicating with people.

that's what happened.

In this illustration, a sense of malevolence emanating from society. People's faces are tense, even aggressive.  It's anonymous characters. The crowd.
I was asked to amend this figure. Small details of each character. And that's what happened.

Anonymous characters in the crowd have found their identity. “From this picture the concern is no longer felt" - said the client.

Next I decided to develop reception of individualization of the figures. Asked to give a brief description of these characters. Give them personal history: what kind of a person he works, what his character is and what care in his life?  After completing this task these people in the picture were not frightened client.

Here is a customer review

In General, the results are there. Yesterday as soon as I went outside, nervosa did NOT exist, although the County had a lot of people. Very nice and even a strange sensation, I then weaned. After some time nervosa is still there, but with the technique of conscious breathing it is kept at a low level. In my opinion, an excellent result, thank you very much.

Thus, the author of this article helped to cope with social anxiety in a very short period of time.

If you become interested, then please contact us and we will together to find the shortest path to the solution to your problem.

what is your experience with the pictures? 

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