I Have just a few lyrics in my head that I want to write the last half of the year)) I hope you get there.
But thinking about such.
Americans for many years pursued efficiency when the same I was bored?
Apparently became annoying. Instead of dietary Supplements and drugs to activate the brain and improve performance and this began the era of "minimalism". Rather, as the General movement is NOT effective, and the humdrum life in which there is something other than work and the American dream.
And it looks valuable, though CIS seems to come more very soon, years of commercials 70-100. Because we are lagging behind not for long, but forever.

just about the benefits of meditation in the modern world, as a way to collect, send and manage your own account. Why especially now?
Yes, simply because never before has humanity had to use such an amount of attention and involvement (gadgets and social networks). As they say in the film, finally (!) and as the practice of therapeutic work with clients recently -
the scope of our perception is limited (!)

Sounds strange and ambiguous. But you have to accept the fact that the brain and consciousness cannot and can not cope with the amount of content that we want to cram. Because we try and aim to do it Non-stop. But the potential of Our nervous system (and it is the heavy load is placed on processing any incoming content) physiologically limited!
Example: if you saw a child crying endlessly?
No. Sooner or later he will still sleep, to gain strength, even if after will again continue the concert.

How and why? because when we look at the pictures, read scrolls, and especially if we carefully paglesham, comment, take the time adopted the old we feel, we live. We envy the fact that in the picture, we rasstraivatsya its supposedly Not a success or a mismatch of picture perfect, we are eternally set goals and strive for them even in the dream, we plan, meet, reach, compare, disappointed, afraid, angry, grieving, etc. And it all happens in a split second, as we turn any social network, with its endlessly emerging online content. Forgetting that content is infinite, and our life and attention - the end.

you Know, once on the group the participant was very surprised by these words: you will die and life will go on.
And if you infinitely running, so ahead of you, definitely, waiting for the end. What will fill this road From and To?

Absolutely and content. You will die, but content will continue to increase exponentially.
So once again thumbing through something filling a "void", think about this if you want to fill your time.

And about the attention problem. More and more adults in my practice can't handle the stress and social expectations of the phantom "successful" person. Burn out at work and in life, simply because just Too Much. As more and more problems with memory and vocabulary, not because of uneducated or the notorious defense - forgetting. But just because "RAM" is overloaded with content of all kinds, from need to need to possess 3-5 professions (and even more) in its place.

So meditation, Vipassana, retreat, downshifting in such fashion. Why they are so important and popular. So the Depression goes in a leading position diseases of our time. the
Meditation and Vipassana (retreats) is a time of silence and opportunities for the brain and nervous system at least depoziti open processes. Before getting to his term.

You notice that the phones are slower when the RAM is overloaded, and we occasionally manually go to close dozens of open applications.

and the brain and our attention... there is a point where we no longer manage without hygiene regular cleaning. And now this is Our New Reality.

the freedom of choice there are risks. Risks for the impossibility of choice. The risks of excess, maybe we don't know the boundaries of their own tastes and we often never enough time.
Sometimes it is important to realize the opportunity to make a choice or choose a familiar favorite things, that would facilitate their nervous system and brain, and so downloaded reality.

Practise the void. Meditation and physical burden to help you.

Elena Novikova
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