Overeating is an important indicator of how employees


but it is not able to feed and take care of themselves, is not in harmony with themselves, do not know their true needs and desires, chews your emotions and feelings, not confident and not valuable, does not put itself in the beginning of the stream, does not respect himself and his life, feel the void, lack and frustration in different spheres of life, a lot of work, not able to relax and get pleasure from life.


and it does not respect, accept, and sometimes hate their own body. Deaf, indifferent, angry, and cruel to him. The fast trains till you drop, guzzle and abide in inactivity, etc.

    INTERACTS WITH the outside WORLD

and that lives a boring, monotonous and faceless life, walking through life with the wrong people, unable to defend its borders and say "No", feels unfulfilled in relationships or relations with parents, etc.

Knowing what really is behind the overeating, all the pitfalls and currents, a person has a choice:

  1. do Not take responsibility for themselves and to declare war on Food! Then overeating is a tragedy...
  2. Take responsibility for themselves and to make peace with Food. Then overeating is the Gift - red light, the pointer, as you want, and name, which indicates that in your life something is wrong! Bias! Disharmony. Stress factors exceed the capabilities of the developed coping mechanisms.

Imagine, how cool! We, emotional eaters, there's kind of an early warning system, warning that in our life something is jammed. It is important to realize that, look at your life and find other ways to balance.

Those people who have never been emotional over eating, often do not receive clear warnings about excessive stress in their lives.

When our relationship with food has such incredible benefits, we do not find ourselves in the maze is doomed to failure behavior that becomes destructive and difficult variable.

People who took responsibility and realized that it's not in food and not in weight, but in the inner world, I have no fear of overeating. And it's great!

by overeating and working with them: knowledge, disclosure, adoption, development, personal growth, strength and confidence, people open a locked door to a magical world called Me! I is quite different - beautiful, bright, charm, good, plentiful, interesting. Changing people, changing the world around him!

He is consciously and confidently at the helm of my life and exudes a power, joy, peace, happiness, pleasure. And who knows, if it were not excess weight, emotional overeating, could a man get there?

Share what you overeating? What choice do you make?

Blog "the Psychology of harmony"

Semerikova Elena
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