Modern standards of beauty ruthless: beautiful, young, successful, happy, healthy means thin. Trying to meet these standards, people are constantly sitting on a diet, "nutrition" and toil in the gym. This approach has a beginning but no end!

to save the form, you need to constantly restrict your diet, to keep yourself in a tight rein and to increase physical activity. To stop, can not relax, gain weight and thus lose the beauty, youth, health, happiness. So people get into a vicious diet circle is something desperate and even dangerous situations in which fighters for harmony!

I myself was addicted to food. Emotionally – external consumer, but in the course of personal therapy and serious work on myself I managed to overcome this dependence. In remission more than 4 years. To date, I have all the resources to effectively help people!

overeating is a serious and deep PSYCHOLOGICAL issue for those who:
▪I'm sick of control, struggle with weight, food and frustration.
▪I passed the nine circles of hell diet and realized that the extra weight in the head, and relationship with food is only a consequence of how we interact with ourselves, with the body and the surrounding World;
▪I'm tired of relapse, overeating, worrying about it, and then again and again take himself in hand;
▪I want eat any food, including sweets, without experiencing anxiety, anxiety, feelings of guilt and shame;
▪I don't want to use food as a way of avoidance, comfort, reward, relaxation, relaxing, solving everyday problems, etc, but doesn't know how to find in another way;
▪I want to normalize eating behavior and weight;

Often, individual attempts to find psychological causes of their condition are inconclusive: not enough base knowledge or motivation. Some people do not know that they have eating disorders. Live, how to live in a continuous struggle with himself, forcing his mind and body hard constraints.

to help people cope with these problem I run unique marathon-intensive “Overeating-stop”. Two months of theory and practice that will forever change your relationship with food. Full information On the marathon.

Have questions? Ask, I'm always open to communication.

Semerikova Elena
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