the Problem of overweight in today's world is quite acute. And in Russia including. According to various sources overweight has between 25 and 30 percent, and obesity - at 15-20 percent of the people. In some age groups these figures significantly higher. So, in women aged 35-55 years excess weight is recorded at 75 per cent, and the rate of obesity approaching 50 percent.
the Main reason for weight gain is overeating. Overweight, as we know, the air does not appear and it appears from the extra food. This post I decided to dedicate the problem of overeating, but rather, I want to see the extra food through the eyes of Gestalt therapist, from the point of view of the mechanisms of interruption of the contact.
The easiest in my opinion a case where overeating is associated with enterectomy about how and what to eat. This is a trivial error in the food which were inherited from our grandparents who lived in a different era and may even have experienced real hunger. All of this "wisdom of ancestors" is familiar to us from the sayings and traditions associated with eating, "Bread around the head, All useful in his mouth climbed, "Eat more, live longer", "Porridge oil will not spoil" and many others that easily come to mind. These traditions include the habit to eat up everything put in the dish, even if you already ate. Here we can recall all the bad signs related to left to plate the food. As we understand it, any introject alienates the person from reality, blocking contact with his own needs. In the case of food, the person ceases to rely on the needs of your body in the diet in favor of the belief, often not subject to his own awareness.
to Deal with this type of overeating easier. Often simple information on rational nutrition and reflections over their own food habits and traditions to bring good results and significantly reduce the amount of excess food in the human diet.
in a Similar way occurs and confluent overeating: this is when a person sits down at the table "for company" and "together with all". In this case, quite often have to hear stories plump women who, after marriage, begin to practice two dinners. First, because she was hungry and the second for the company with her husband when he came home from work. Of the same type can be attributed to a permanent tea party in the team at work.
Working with such problems is usually complicated by some alexithymics such people. Having a tendency to merge, they often do poorly aware of their own needs, including food – when, what and how much they want to eat. Often they don't recognize your hunger and saturation, some explanations about rational nutrition there is not enough. Work in the treatment of this type of eating is aimed at restoring contact with your body, attention to the bodily manifestations of hunger, and of course, working with the General trend of confluence with others and the exit.
the Other two are quite similar to symptoms of the type of overeating is retroflexive and deflective, commonly known in people as "stuck stress". Usually such people are aware of this tendency and easily call the reason for your weight gain. In this case, we are dealing with the impossibility and inability of man to cope with the mental strain of the situation, which is stressful and familiar, quite a deliberate way to relieve this stress. Differences in deflexion and retroflexive overeating can be seen in the description of the process of overeating. Example retroflexing overeating can serve as such a description of the case: "I was so mad at her that when he got home, took out a box of cookies and eating until until a stomach ache!". When deflective mechanism, the story is as follows: "in order to escape from these thoughts, I went to the store, a long walk between the shelves, picked up a basket full of Goodies, the house sat in front of TV and she did not notice that there were only wrappers and candy wrappers...". the
Work with this type of overeating, will focus primarily on the ability to detect dangerous levels of stress that threatens this nutritional breakdown, and learning to release tension more secure and greener for him ways. For example, respiratory or bodily practitioners, as well as total work to reduce stress and increase stress resistance. Further work could to be in a common Gestalt with the leading mechanisms interrupts the unfolding of retroflexion and work with diplegia. the
Curious, in my opinion, is the projective overeating. This is when a person turns to food as the source of the condition. In such cases, food is endowed with human qualities, and in the story it is not always possible to understand about the food or about the person in question. In such cases it is possible to hear about a romantic evening with a "gentle Zephyr", the party with "hot grill chicken", the support received from sausage sandwich. Experiencing difficulties in contact with real people gives the products the necessary qualities and starts to replace communication with other communicating products.
One of the techniques for working with the eating of this type can be suggested to describe people in the environment as products, based on their qualities of character. This may be an insight, when the desire to eat cake, the man suddenly discovers his sex desire.
This is only a small part of the iceberg called the problem of excess weight. Always the eating and relationship with food are ways a person's relationship with themselves and the world in a broad sense. Thus, the problem of overweight cannot be addressed in one appointment appropriate diet, because the main question is not to know when, what, and how much to eat, and in order to understand, to be aware of their needs for food and be able to meet the most direct way, avoiding distortion. As they say in the old joke: "flies separately, cutlets separately".

Evgeny Mikhaylov
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