Sweets - it's truly a delicious and refined, with rich flavours of food created for joy, pleasure and bliss. But few among us can relax with peace of mind relax in the process. In addition to the alarm fires guilt and shame. How and why such consequences? br>
Enjoy or feel guilt and shame, we often make choices in childhood under the influence to the attitude and what they say about sugary foods and our body is important to us humans.

for Example, if a parent thinks sweet food is harmful universal evil and so in control of himself and others, then the pleasure one is likely to forget! The child will eat and feel guilty because at this moment he will think about that goes bad.

for Example, in my home sweet parents ate themselves quietly and never limited us. We ate as much as I wanted, so I grew up with the feeling that sweet is a casual but delicious food.
that sweet food is super harmful Inopressa substance from which to flee, I found out when they came to the path constraints, lost in the swamp diet. It took me some time and effort to change thinking. Want to eat calmly without anxiety, feelings of guilt and shame, sweet food? Confidently control your thinking? Come to the marathon "New relationship with Food: stop overeating".
And many people. If not in childhood, in adult life, as soon as I got into the diet of the swamp, arguing with a sweet long haul. Start restrictions and limitations, followed by disruption of carbohydrate, eating with a touch of fear, anxiety, feelings of guilt and shame.

I quite often see my clients and friends are changing the face and the voice, when recognized that eating sweet, as if they had committed the worst sin of the Bible! They are to blame. They are ashamed. They consider themselves poor.
what a sweet wronged us? br>

that we have with him an emotional connection from birth? That it's just delicious food and excellent anti-depressant, soothes, helps to relax, boredom and bad mood and so we eat it for other purposes? That you do not want to, and even afraid to glance in his inner world and lead the internal work with you, because you can control and avoid it seems easier? That you do not want to create your reality from which you will not want to run.

the Sweet food is not fit us in the mouth. We are his hands to feed himself. It is our desire and choice. And only you can decide at that moment to feel calm, pleasure, enjoyment and, consequently, eat a small piece or anxiety, guilt and shame, but not to stop to overeat, and again plunge into trouble...

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Semerikova Elena
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