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we All know long ago that the problems the girls father is very closely linked to the behavior in the relations between a man and a woman. And if this is not correct, then to establish family relationships will be very difficult or impossible at all.Will lead the story, what little I have left. This is a story worthy of imitation, understanding and gratitude by the direct participant in the events.

we will focus on Anastasia. This is one of my students. She was able to hear my words and good advice. Followed them and now, after some time(familiar and we are engaged to her third year) could do, at first glance, impossible.

allOutline the situation for you to be clear about it.

a Few years ago, after breaking up mom and dad Anastasia(the Name is not indicative of understandable reasons) are having difficulty. She experienced a serious shock. Did not want to learn, all was not interested, I just started to think different thoughts on the subject: Whole life and how to live.

Her mother, on her part, has realized that it's difficult, she could not help. Ex husband already drank a lot. Lived far away and did not want to communicate with her daughter. And if there was communication, it was filled with accusation and all, and was accompanied by all this rudeness obscenities and obscenities.

mother's offer to go to therapy daughter refused. Moreover, medicine has helped from constant headaches and insomnia. No desire to learn, and life is not worth living, almost.

helping HandAfter a conversation with my mother and discuss the possibility of ways out of the current situation of his daughter, Anastasia received an offer just to meet and talk. She refused.

After a short time daughter had agreed to meet, but only once, so as not to upset your mother. It was enough to hear about the possibility to solve the situation.

the Meeting took place over two years ago.

All this time we at every meeting to understand issues and themes about the underlying values of the person, or rather girls, future women. Step by step from simple to very simple. Overcoming doubts and fears, we walked to the desired inner feelings and understanding in relationships with loved ones, and most importantly with themselves.

now it's different(From the appeal in the correspondence. To repeat or retell impossible. At the moment Anastasia 18 years old and she did a lot)

Girls! Mr Miller!

today I Have good news!

I Called my father myself. To my surprise he was sober and talked to me without the Mat and humiliation. Only talked about good. (This achievement...)

And he asked about my life and what I do for a living, stood up and said that everything is correct.

(which was not very long ago, before him and the kind words it was hard to wait)

Said he loves me so much and that I am very grateful for your letter of 4 sheet that I wrote to him. He reads constantly and is aware of something new. Begins to see things from the other side....

Also, say thanks for what I have not abandoned him in response to his refusal, but still did everything that he reconciled with my brother. In General, said thank you for everything....

to be honest, I was shocked.... I'm away from him for such action had long been waiting for and don't think about it, and then he called and here and so soon...

he also said that not drinking all week!!! I supported him and said he was done!!!

Alex, as you said, I asked him for advice, but the answer was "you know better than me how to do the right thing", I told him thank you for believing in me!!!

I turned to talk quietly about his emotional state and that it would be desirable to change the Technique... acceptance and forgiveness of the parents was also to the place!!! I told him about it to his parents.... To which he listened and even agreed!!! Although in the past, with him I could not talk on this topic...

I realized that the respect, love, gentleness and ease of communication is very important... do not be afraid and something for myself to think, just take and to do!!!!

to be honest, during the conversation have experienced so many different emotions and have confidence that I'm doing is not in vain and starts to go from it feedback!!!

something Like that!!!! I wanted to write briefly... did not work!!!!

chat in the project Awakening women

the Girls thank you for what you are, always support and share your achievements!!!

We are all great and go towards your goals!!!!

Alex and special thanks to you!!!! Because I went to this for a very long time, and you were always there and helped...

Our training and work in the center doesn't just go away....Without you this project wouldn't have this issue!!!

Thank you very much!!!

PS Perhaps you find this text is invented and staged. The decision is still yours. Believe it or not believe. And if even one percent of those who read it, believe it, and will follow the simple rules of love and faith in a better future, it means that the article was not written in vain.

Such a situation I see often. Many think it's the fact that the child is able to pull his father from addiction to alcohol and rudeness. Only love is capable of such a manifestation and results.

Believe me — you'll see. According to your faith and everything will happen.

the Choice is yours.

P. P. S.

(From the written appeal mother Anastasia)

Hello! Thank You Alex!!!
today You made me the happiest mom on earth. I just read the article. Remember how we went all these years, it was different on the path of development and awakening. And achievements and failures. And we went ahead.

I knew how important our lessons for my children. On a subconscious level, I initially believed you. And I'm glad today's changes in my family.

I would even call you our family's guardian Angel. I have no words to Express to you my appreciation and gratitude. What you did is a MIRACLE!!! Thank God for sending you to us!!!

a fairy Tale lie, Yes in it a hint. Good fellows a lesson.

— about the development of family relationships,

— about the ability to raise strong and kind children,

— about the development of self-control woman

— about the development of confidence men.

sincerely Alexey Rumyantsev is an expert on family relationships, the psychologist.

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