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In psychology there is such concept as pervscan is a very colorful event from the past that evoked incredibly strong emotions (anger, fear, sense of injustice, resentment, humiliation, etc.), This situation caused a certain reaction and formed a model of behavior in similar circumstances in the future. In future situations with this person (father/mother or other significant person (Director/partner can also act like a significant figure from the past) will cause emotions that do not correspond to real danger.
one of my clients was the stepfather-the tyrant. Growing up, all the men in her life she seemed to regard dangerous and threatening. Partners she chose a small and defenseless - that was the "only" option for safe relationship.
it is Sad that often we do not see his "inadequate" and inconsistent with reality, reaction or behavior on our part. These symptoms will help to find a professional psychologist/coach/mentor.
But as a standalone work can suggest the following algorithm:
1. Remember prosceno (associations can also help you find the pushed out material). @Olga_pronchuk.psycholog view post "key word" (according to Jung)
2. To realize the installation (to put it briefly and clearly: "everything is physically sturdy and strong men threat, can kill").
3. To formulate a new setting: "a physically strong man can protect you in a dangerous situation." Remember that today, being for adults, you can choose any model of behavior.
4. To take responsibility for yourself: you chose this strategy, at the time it was justified and helped you to survive, but today it has lost relevance, and only prevents you to live a full life.
5. Analyze every emerging situation and your reaction. To run the new behavior, to imagine themselves in this situation in a new light (brain anyway: in reality, events occur or not). Practice for fun and then spend a correction of mistakes. the
Water wears away the stone.

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