Recently son watched a program about animals on TV. It told about the work of scientists in Africa studying the life and habits of crocodiles. The inhabitants of one of settlements were asked to help them solve the problem with constant attacks by crocodiles on people. Mutual coexistence led to mutual destruction. The victim of a crocodile became people (often children) or to protect the inhabitants of the village had to kill a lot of species of crocodiles. The constant struggle for survival: either the people must leave the habitat near the river, and in Africa the presence of water near one of the priorities of survival; or a large-scale extermination of crocodiles. And here is the solution scientists was simple and brilliant. The formation of a conditioned reflex crocodiles living in the area. Most sensitive spot of the reptile's nose. Implemented design solution, creating a trap - bait. From tires made hinged design. Down where you put the bait on top of the meat and pulled the wire through which was passed an electric current of low power from the battery. So the trap was attached a bell. And that's when the crocodile reached for the meat he was getting weak discharge current on the nose, and heard the sound of a bell. Reptile was frightened and rushed away back into the river. Such traps were placed on the banks along the river. And after a while the local population of crocodiles was elaborated conditioned reflex "bell ringing - danger, run from electric shock". And now all the locals went with a bell, which they call the appearance of a crocodile. Reptile hearing ringing quickly out of sight. Brilliant and simple solution saved as a people from death, and crocodiles from extinction.

Remember Pavlov's dog and his instincts and reflexes.

the person most panic attacks are accompanied by dizziness, sweating, nausea, laying in the ears, urge to defecate, loss of consciousness, bodily paralysis, allergies and so on. All these symptoms are a conditioned reflex developed in the past. There's always a first triggering event (trauma, stress) and the subsequent events that reinforced the reaction of the psyche (the conditioned reflex), developing a sustainable skill.

Dmitri Plotnikov
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