the Crowd of strangers, confined space, attention from other, stuffy, loud music and bright lights and it seems that everyone is looking at you.

Frightening picture. Especially if you are used to avoid any situation, which can feel uncomfortable, start to worry. But once you need to start to get out of four walls. Let's look at some ways that will make you feel more comfortable and to prevent the development of panic attacks. br>
the First fear in this situation is to be the center of attention, so to say, not at its best. Therefore, we consider such methods that will be most invisible. It is better to have a couple ready to go with a calm heart and know that you will be able to help yourself. br>
so if you feel that the panic is close. br>
Flash. Bring a hair tie or any other decoration that will sit tight on the wrist. When you see signs of a seizure sharply click your rubber band. The focus automatically shifts to the pain and you will not be able to concentrate on their attack. br>
Switched the focus. Start counting chairs, cute brunettes, girls in the same dress – whatever. It will also allow you to direct the attention outward and not on their experiences. br>
Imagine for ourselves the scale of your anxiety. What is it mark?! Slowly try to reduce the degree of anxiety. br>
in Any case do not leave the place where the panic you caught. Do not give in to fear. The more places that you avoid, the stronger it is. br>
Try to change the situation: move closer to the window, if you are stuffy, or Vice versa, into the room – if you feel chills. Start a conversation with a group of people or even drink SIPS of water. br>
All these small steps will help you not to focus on the problem and try to solve it, while not avoiding, but not giving excessive importance. It does not matter if one of the methods will suit you more and the other less. You are sure to find something that effective for you.

And you happen to experience a panic attack at the event or in another public place? If you refused to go out because of panic attacks? The situations in which attacks happen to you often?

Paximadia Victoria
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