I'm sure you know that feeling when a panic attack takes hold of consciousness. My first thought was, "I have something with heart, it should not be so hard to beat!" And you're scouring the Internet in search of symptoms of a heart attack, and quickly find them. br>
a Panic attack is a heart attack?

a Myth?

Yes! Heart attack and panic attack are completely unrelated. br>
Let us understand where it went astray. br>
the Symptoms are really similar:
Sharp chest pain
Increased sweating
the rhythm of the breath
Rapid heartbeat
Take this condition maybe five minutes longer. br>
If you experience it – whether it is panic attack or a heart attack, immediately consult a doctor. After all, even if you believe that your heart is in order, the psychologist will still send you for tests to make sure that deals with panic attacks. br>
How to distinguish panic attack from heart attack:
Strong uncontrollable fear appears to peak all of the above symptoms of
the Situation may household. The attacks were repeated in similar conditions. br>
If these they are so similar, why they are not interconnected? br>
the fact that the mechanism is quite different. A panic attack is due to a powerful jump of adrenaline in the blood. It is his growth and provokes the above-mentioned symptoms. With growing fear, growing and adrenaline, so all the signs are manifested only at the peak point of the attack. br>
the Mechanism of heart attack is not related to the release of hormones. It is based on disruption of the functioning of blood vessels. That is why the attack starts abruptly and it can not be foreseen. br>
to Understand the processes of our body is very important not to intimidate yourself. Remember that to get rid of panic attacks forever doable. Of course, this requires some effort, but the results are worth it. br>
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Paximadia Victoria
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