Pride is not a very good quality, probably the most bad. We have always been proud that the cottage where you spend the summer, away from the main road, a busy highway and streams of cars. Almost all sides we securely covers the woods and the field, you can get only on foot, with the remaining fronts - different SNT, what our last of a line of these partnerships,which stretches along the country roads,so that problems with wearing and "smelly" machines are not.

But pride is a bad quality. A great way to herself pave the way, sorry for the tautology, through fields and forests. And here is the miracle of human power and strength to conquer nature with a scratch built 4 km away from us around the clock. Because of the vastness of the excellent audibility.

It's certainly not close,but overall, it's a shame, because now the favourite field for walking, the scenery of the forest, the line of the hill,passing round into the distance and falling on him like a cloud against the blue vast sky, soaring eagle,maybe a hawk...all this is not to be now! Now there is a new ring road.

St. John's Wort,chamomile, fireweed will not pick some,well sorry,you can't! And walking in the woods near the road that's no fun, the mushrooms are gone, too.

But most of all,I think, shocked people living in the village, in the village, where the road is widespread, because it is from some of the houses 50 meters or less.

What do they feel? Happy or mad?

Early - out of the building: forest,field, pond, now released: the shaft of sand,clay, mountains of gravel trucks and dump trucks running around ,kicking up dust. Then come: (hopefully, they will be soundproof screens) cold black road.

As a person refers to an abrupt change in life,in an environment where seemingly everything was so stable and unshakable? Who would have thought that this forest so easily and quickly chopped, dried swamp, field perekidyvaetsya, and the road so soon stretches into the distance towards other people and other highway?

When I drive down a new, smooth track, with modern lights,clean displays and Zagorodnii (as in Sochi, for example), it does not think about how it is a miracle of human wisdom and mighty power began. Just happy and surprised what good fellows, well built!

Now think. What people have experienced who suddenly began to live along the road with the endless pack of cars, with the stifling summer jams, with the exhaust gases under the fence.

Selfishness there is to complain about new road due to the fact that it breaks the little ekoray where you rest, and "udinesse" with nature, enjoy its fruits and their naturalness, without fear of giving their child and treating friends. All this in contrast to the fact that the new road to the right people, the city, which is unloaded from the tubes (specifically for this road it is rather unimportant,as it is not something that tubes,machines really is never on her old understudy, but it's okay, talk about something else).

But someone will have to live, breathing éTim, listening to éthat noise and still eating from the garden that "to taste" electric cars, trucks, trucks....because, as a garden throw... well now the fruits will disappear?

Someone will have to live, but not me... so like And easier.

We are still miles away from her,and they are in a few metres. And again, like easier...

And here she is, pride rears its head. And we have something else nicáth! And now, laugh quietly, and pride bursting Breasts.
Thoughts run, because they say it is impossible to think, people bad,not to laugh at them, gloating. And protection mechanisms, those that have psychological Freud, the corners cut and unfold circumstances that are favorable, like the forest, stacks of these circumstances add up and somewhere are transported.

Take these bad thoughts and evil, but leave some swirls Yes chips....Evil and bad they are because mom said, so dad said,so the kindergarten teacher said, so the chief says, as the screen told,as the society argues, and the majority of them, and you then one....

the Chips are particularly unpleasant, all through, and in sleep, and the body from her tunic, and to find to reset it is impossible, very small, it is not seen. I wish those logs to track down,but the building of them to build, to wash in the house from chips, and then go and rotting logs and the stench sneaks out...

< span itemprop="author">Eugenia Ivanova
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