Paroxysmal overeating is a mental disease.


It really is included in the Handbook of psychiatric diseases, DSM-5 and ICD -10 code ( 50.4 F).

What it means:

the disorder's biological origins: overeating cannot be avoided through the power of the will, mood or someone else's orders: "stop eating".

most Likely the source is in the Central nervous system and structures of the brain. Initially disturbed, serotonin-dopamine balance, brain structures might differ in size from the parts of other people, can be disrupted connections between different brain structures, in addition, PSC patients have a different pattern of certain gene, but studies on this topic are just beginning, they are not available to ordinary patients in everyday medical care .

Broken : affective, cognitive and behavioral spheres together: a person cannot cope with their affects, he thinks otherwise, his actions can not be controlled or very different from action in population is normal.

Signs of paroxysmal overeating:

  • the Person eats when not hungry
  • He eats faster than normal, and usually alone.
  • It eats up more of their standards significantly.
  • After the meal, he experiences negative feelings: guilt, shame. anger.
  • weight gain is not necessarily a sign of overeating, but often!

This disease has a genetic nature, but its inevitability is not required.

the Second mandatory factor is the environment. The disease starts only if there were environmental conditions that were the trigger. And it could be something as a family, as dietary behavior and stress, life crises and trauma. Why do people react so overeating can be explained after collecting his personal history ( life story and the story of the relationship with food in particular).

Women suffer from this as often as men. But because of our increased interest in the female body, we believe the preponderance of female ugliness, whereas man it is allowed to be in the same advantage. In addition, "men don't cry"- boys to educate so that they are not made to talk about their feelings.

a Frequent accompaniment of overeating: bullying and shaming. Surrounding peredumala shamed for his behavior, why he is experiencing extreme stress. Moreover, these rascal, tend to have the same disorder, only in mirror form: for example in the form of obsessive-compulsive addiction to a healthy lifestyle.

the Skinny exclusive salt and sugar mother and daughter very complete - frequent pair.

Treatment of disease comprehensive: if psychotherapy doesn't help, the connection of farm treatment: antidepressants, inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. It should be under the constant supervision of a psychiatrist - the only one competent in this field doctor, because these drugs differ individually (for each person separately), dosage and even. Our desire to avoid a psychiatrist and come to a neurologist leads to incompetent decisions. The psychiatrist needs to obtain constant feedback to the host AD and to adjust either the scheme or the dosage. Independent manipulation of antidepressants without a prescription and permanent consultation with the doctor will lead to a deterioration of the patient, which he would not notice, and most likely will not be able to control.

Significant improvement may occur quite immediately after the start of HELL. But here's the problem: our society is not made to go to a psychiatrist, and even more so to admit it.

Doctors are evil, the pharmaceutical industry is evil. Second fear - before the drugs I meet quite often: assign anything, even a donkey's urine, but not drugs.

Psychotherapy overeating and other types of RPP - bulimia and anorexia unfairly rated CBT therapy (short-term cognitive-behavioral (behaviorally) . This is an obvious reason in the world insurance and paid medical insurance will gladly cover a short-term therapy outlined with rigid contracts than with unpredictable long-term time completion. It is our human desire to catalog, to conclude within a specific time frame and to obtain the desired guarantee end at the entrance.

With the PSC disorders successfully manage and operate other types of therapies, including psychodynamic direction. On the supervisions and workshops on RPP I often see psychologists of the most different modalities of working with RPP customers successfully, that is jointly seek changes in the behavior and life of the client.

just as in my office there are clients who escaped from the centers for RPP and effective CBT therapy because they lacked warmth, understanding, they can not stand the distance, were not heard, they scared the contract, the fact of protocolname treatment and so on.

Kulikova Marina
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