the One who is first confronted with the phenomenon of lucid dreaming (OS) are often asked the following questions:

  • why you need it?
  • What good does it do?
  • how to do that in your OS?
I open a series of articles which will not only give answers to these questions, but also will share their experience of using the OS. The first part I want to begin by considering the question of relaxation, or rather with the possibilities for its acquisition through the OS.

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In everyday life the inevitable meeting with the factors of stress. But, unfortunately, we are not able to go to the Islands or to the mountains to rest and relax. And then we come to the aid of the OS. Because we can, as a Navigator, ask yourself absolutely any location and get there! It won't take us any money for the plane, no time for tiring the road, no unscheduled unpaid leave. Yes, it is, of course, will only happen in a dream, but the effect may be much greater than actual experience.

I always loved the sea. Sunset, sea and the Shine of the water relaxes me and transferred in a pleasant atmosphere of something soothing. Water serves as an indicator of my condition, my "inner mirror". For example, if in a normal dream I will dream of muddy water or the storm – so you need to pay more attention and listen to your inner voice to avoid intrapersonal conflict. If the water is clear and the weather is clear – I'm on the right track, I am in harmony with myself.

So, armed with the symbol sea, I use it in my OS. For example, if I need to relax and distract from everyday problems, I call in my sleep I need a picture of the sea and rest in it. I can just sit by the sea and enjoy the view, you can walk along the beach or float on the waves. However, I clearly feel the salty air, the warmth of the sand on my feet, the temperature of the water.

How do I do it?

I use a variety of methods to exit to OS. Many authors (S. Laberge, M. rainbow) describes in detail the technology of gaining awareness, therefore I will not now dwell on this aspect of attention.

After I'm starting to realize that I'm dreaming, the procedure is the following: I represent ourselves in all the details I need a picture. It is very important to be able to maintain awareness. For this can not afford to "go with the flow" of the story and to stop the implementation of any conscious action. So you should always take any volitional actions – something to touch, to look into details, and create new elements of the plot... In General, try "actively feel" your OS. Passive existence is fraught with the OS in a normal dream, where you already lose critical to the plot and can't control their actions. Guided by these basic rules, you can stay conscious in the dream for a longer time and the "active rest".

Speaking about the effect of a "relaxation" of the OS, it should be noted that on waking me long enough received energy. Emotional background is leveled, and the thoughts sistematizirovat and "laid out on the shelves."

photos of an extraordinarily beautiful natural places can come to life thanks to the OS. Why not use this opportunity?

Christina Kazakova

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