What if you "abandoned" and the relationship ended? First, do not hold back your feelings, cry, do not hesitate to either himself or others, if necessary. Look for support from family and friends, don't stay alone, keep an active lifestyle. Those for whom you are a valuable that will take you and upset. Secondly, and most importantly, organize your thoughts. Not worth to deal with painful experiences ourselves. Experience is always from negative thoughts, hit him! What came to your mind when you left? First thoughts? "I - nothing, lied to Me, I will never build a new relationship, I should behave differently, I am not worthy (but) love Without this person I don't exist, Everyone will look at me askance, etc".

These and similar thoughts and lead you to misery, a sharp decline in mood, hurt feelings. To know what the thought gnaws at you can be asking yourself the question: is My relationship with this man ended, what this means to me? When you formulate a thought, look at her closely, maybe she is not true? Try to attack her and to challenge.

for Example, if you have decided that you are worthless, ask yourself, did you have anything good and noteworthy. You can even make a list of people who are willing to pay attention to your strengths, not weaknesses. You'll notice as you get better.

If these simple tips do not work, it is better to consult a specialist. Apparently, your own resource of optimism and stability exhausted.

What not to do in this situation? I wouldn't advise a headlong search for new relations. It is better to wait. This is a common error. The habit of sauviat lapsed relationship with new violent affair leads to a vicious circle of disappointment in the short-lived amorous relationships. We should not drown your feelings in alcohol and drugs.

now, gather, weep, watch your thoughts, communicate with loved ones. And when you do look sensibly at what was between you. Say to yourself: "Thank you that we met, it was a very interesting time. I thank you for all the good that was between us. But our paths diverged. Our random meeting and parting, now you're on your own. I have enough strength!"

Maxim A.
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