Passion and love. Psychoanalytic discourse.


Passion and love. Psychoanalytic discourse.

getting to the subject of love, it is impossible not to recall the words of the mythical Tiresias(Ovid's Metamorphoses), the soothsayer of Thebes, predictivo son of the river God, Lily, "Since he himself will not see" - the lack of ability to see the other is the ability to overcome the trauma of otherness - "the abyss of other depths, its perfect impermeability"(Slavoj Zizek) and based on love – is the embodiment of his Ideal I in the mirror of the Other, the ability to destroy his invasion of personal space and untouchable way to bridge the gap of "radical otherness" "whatever it was, I fear the Greeks even when bearing gifts", Lacoon. Narcissus fascinated by his own reflection like a child who first saw her I captured a reflection of how something so outside of it - others, not realizing that the reflection is himself.

"what he saw-not understand,but what I saw is burning
Young man again, cheating excites and introduces the error" ?

(Salvador Gave Mamarrosa Narcissus)

" is not that other,as a mental saveconnect object.." Freud

Any gift lovers gift redundant as love is the gift that gave the Greeks the Greeks bearing - shields are too heavy, bulky pots that only in its redundancy and was a symbol of gift, and in this redundancy and contains the symbolic basis for future Mature love, promise her. The mixing of the two bodies as mixing the two I – boundaries, is possible only in an emotional explosion sweeping away these boundaries, in the origin of imagination about the relationship as I the Ideal. For women the basis of her desire, remembering Slavoj Zizek, to turn a frog into a Prince(I-Ideal), and the basis of male desire to a woman was the cause of his desires labanowski object "a" and fundamentally different in this plane desires and born a approval of Lacan's "no sexual relations" as they fantasticheski. Passion is the Trojan horse that helps to overcome the invasion of the border, I, oblivious to the otherness of these desires. "frog with a can of beer" in the example of the advertising proposed by Žižek, is a Princess with her Prince in the phantasmatic General field relations. This convergence embodied the deep unconscious dreams of fusion with the mother, overcome ban Big Other of the Law – shame in front of public morality, before exposing himself and the other. Aggression, without which it is not possible and the passion dissolves in a mirror of confusion – "me and You" and at the same time it is protection from aggression as a form of infantile desires, to penetrate inside the body of the mother(the idealization of the body surface Meltzer) . With all the opposition to public morality, shame and guilt, these dam drives(Freud), bans, actualize the desire itself. Dams that don't allow aggression to overwhelm destroying a couple of those dams that provide absolutely to merge. In this stage, stage the Mirror stage of the imaginary(Lacan), and begins to experience a form of relationship, the transition to a more complex form of relationship where each partner can say "NO". Mental uniqueness of love and love in its absolute phantasmatic basis, belief in this sense, creates a very feeling, as a separately existing phenomenon in itself, for God outside of man, changing the reality of society through their mythical Foundation and changing identity through the context of the myth, situating it in some beyond her role.

(Domenico Tiepalo)

"why grab the gullible are you a Ghost running?
Crave what is not. Would turn and favourite will disappear.
the Shadow that ripen - reflected image and only"

isn't that so often the realization of self-deceived, and even shame, as if the charm was not internal, but the charm came from the outside, at the moment when a person falls out of this context.

"Eternal shame to the tribe snogeholm mortals,
Word can make you do not show care that was given,
the Army here behind you flying from a blossoming Hellas
Word just destroying the great city of Troy, back to back." Homer

Vyacheslav Grisak
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