Look, walking around looking through the pages of psychologists, so tired of reading always the same about Ericksonian hypnosis!

Who knows - it is such a modern, increasingly popular hypnosis. It is indirect, that is, you don't say "I'll count to five and you fall asleep!!!" Just say any differently and you...can't sleep!

Well! All and write something like:
It is very nice, not scary, there are things on a subconscious level you can do and decide is good for health, can be good to relax, etc. etc...

so I thought, what would I write?

I studied this method for more than 20 years ago, two detailed cycles of the Moscow Institute of family psychotherapy.

Since then, except for the last few years, EVERY DAY I led group sessions Ericksonian hypnosis in his office, a few years in the psychotherapeutic center, used in individual work.

For me to think and to speak Ericksonian - almost like breathing. This tool of human understanding, and tool for making it to the goal and the method of "numbing".

Let's be honest, colleagues, hypnosis -it in Africa and hypnosis. Erickson - softer, more flexible, thinner, better. From this it will only get stronger almost every person on it responds. This is a very clever method, it uses all "available" tools - your posture, breathing, feelings, thoughts, sensations, images. Even pause... It's virtuosic, sophisticated method of influence on the mind (and sometimes body) of a person.

Well? SCARY?


my advice: choose a GOOD specialist!

It literally means GOOD, i.e. decent, man who will be honest to use hypnosis for good.

And literally specialist, professional who is fluent in the method, including safety (know what to do if something went wrong, it was worse)

In General, you have to TRUST the psychologist, the psychotherapist who works with you using hypnotic techniques. By the way, the trust will not prevent in all the other areas of psychotherapy.

That's all...

And what about hypnosis - fear not: TV and hypnotize you is much stronger, I assure you!😁

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