the Idea for this article came spontaneously. Once at the seminars, we discussed the temperament, and my students, diligently making their responses in notes, uttered without thinking of the phrase, which are teeming with different information sites "populist" wing. Literally not reproduce, but there was something melancholic "weak", "anemic", "ever-weeping", perhaps the "trough" and "nincompoop".
Well, pseudo-sites in bulk. And students have the impression melancholic often have a distinctive clinic "the mentally ill", "violent" sociopaths, "princesses-Nesmeyana" and the like.
Melancholic temperament, as well as an introverted personality type, has a very various peculiarities of manifestation. In particular, I met a variety of videos, gifs, memes, making fun of introverts because of their tendency of withdrawal. But in fact the "creation", "creative ideas" are more like the characteristic severe degree of autism.
Wrongly to put ignorantly, that the melancholic is always crying. Yeah, he isprone to discouragement, but can laugh at the hilarious and witty joke, and himself to make a joke. The sense of humor temperament is not affected, however, there is a small clause, which will be discussed further. Remember, melancholic temperament typical of many satirists, the writers, the one who "with glasses on his nose and the endless fall in the heart". Grigory Gorin, Sholem Aleichem, for example...Their creativity sharp, colorful, expressive, but charmingly, finely, gracefully. It seems to be ironic, funny, but at the same time there is grief...

Yes, the immersion in a space of sadness, sorrow is a special pleasure for the melancholic. Painful, sensitive perception of reality, vulnerability, daydreaming on illusions often has both positive and negative effects.
Someone will say, dark thoughts...And agree.A melancholic estetizirovat sorrow and brokenness. The aspect of suffering, here is some guiding light in the world with completely different dreams and reflection eternal. On the one hand, a reason to be sad, focus on their desires, dreams, thoughts. very productive for creative energy. On the other hand, this can also lead to apathy, to emotional emptiness.

Along with this it is necessary to indicate some points, which appear in the melancholic temperament, quite often (as I noticed from the experience of self-observation and communication with the other melancholic).
1. Categorically cannot be called melancholic "weak". I have many childhood thought hot-headed. This was manifested in some "protest" speeches. objections and TP. And family was understood as a dynamic, "crazy" energy. In fact, if something is really need any representative of a known classification, he will turn the mountains, but goal setting in choleric and melancholic, and sanguine and phlegmatic will be different.
So, all my life I dislike, want to be away from the crowds. And whenever I go to the North (even Extreme), even in some cities where I was comfortable and lonely plus sign. In this main difference of temperaments one from another. Thus determination and dedication only a trick.

2. Vulnerability and vulnerability. These are the main pain points of the melancholic. And when building relations with partner melancholic temperament is especially to be remembered. Sometimes can deeply hurt even the most seemingly ridiculous proposal. But here there are subtleties. It all depends on how the melancholic learn to deal with grievances.Sometimes he melancholy can have an excellent sense of humor, but can't stand the vulgarity and vulgarity. Therefore, the construction of a sustainable relationship with such a person requires a some thoughtfulness and restraint.
3. All melancholic introverts?as far As noticed, not all, but most. There are ambivert. But the tendency to solitude, to reflection, to answer difficult. sometimes "space" issues for the melancholic gives every reason to believe that after all the dominant introverted personality type.
4. At the high-level empathy I also will not be able to make unambiguous conclusions, since it is very important the common personality characteristic of a person. for Example, the problem of compassion I have personally is that I grieved over stray animals, in the knowledge that we are far more legal state. But I am without remorse walk past alcoholic, clamchowder alms, almost by force begging for a bottle at a nearby shop. I never confess love to all people in the world, as again the principle of selectivity is accompanied by many members of the melancholic temperament.

Thus, the melancholic temperament has a very complex composite pattern of feelings, thoughts, images. Social roles can be quite different. Person may seem outgoing, but as his smile, kindness, sincerity are only amazing jewelry, elegant diamond, it does not tell us about his temperament.
And in the end, what kind of temperament did not possess your companion, you need to always remember that you're not a puppet, and living people with their strengths and weaknesses, with nuances of character and nervous system. Importantly, relationships have been built on obshcherusskih moral values - love, peace, mutual respect, understanding, honesty, sincerity, integrity, right?

Hope Arkhangelsk
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