What think you, reader, when you hear "polka dot"?

Just think about being different. Someone about the pattern on the fabric, and someone about Legume

and someone will remember from childhood, "vetch" is a small weed with a purple-pink-lilac flowers.

But now, in the new year and Christmas holidays, most likely, thinking you, the reader, about peas in cans. How many have you had in these days a popular salad in which the pea is an integral component? How much did you eat of plates "Olivier"?

they Say that Olivier came up with the French chef, came to Russia, whose name we actually owe the name of the salad.

as they say in Russia. The French do not know this story, and it's all the other salads. Heavy recipe for warm, in comparison with Russia and France.

And here we are! Especially in the winter!

Almost everybody knows the composition of this salad. Although, I must say, there are some variations of it. For example, there is a boiled sausage and meat, someone is doing with poultry (chickens or turkeys). All usually put pickles and some pickled, and there are fans of fresh cucumber.

But whatever the variations of their names, the main structure in this standard: boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, and certainly he green canned peas!

the Paradox of this salad is that it has the ingredients are interchangeable, and there are those that, if not included in the salad, and no salad at all! The other had a salad and no one recognizes it Olivier"!

the dot allows us to determine exactly what is "the salad!".

Well, we'll leave the salad (this is you guessed it, just a metaphor), and back to the people.

was this song on the verses Marshak "what made boys and girls":

what are little boys made of?
what are little boys made of?
thorns, shells
And green frogs
That little boys are made of.

what are the girls made of?
what little girls are made
sugar and spice
and everything nice
That's made out of that girl.

Well, in General, is also an example of a set of components!

How, then, do we determine that this woman was "the one" or "this is the man"!

What makes our heart beats more often and fly on light wings to the fact / the very same?

What are we looking for – the whole or the parts?

it is important for Us to be whole and the same partner, we want to see next, but the orchestra of love run details. Parts are often unconscious elements that cause attraction to the whole like give a special unique taste – a touch of spice.

looking for General friends hell, we, nevertheless, pay attention to the details that define the personality.

In this sense, green pea individuality of salad "Olivier". Without him it is "not the same" salt...



it was the third day of the New year, and she never did this ill-fated salad! To prepare she would not, and having been away, ate it.

But as if something was missing.

there was a time she decided to buy a jar of peas, but going to the store, wrapped in a completely different Department.

the shop Windows on her "staring" plastic legs clad in mesh stockings, studded with large peas.

something pulled her to him. It was in fact the peas! ... Almost.

- Big she thought, and rational reasoning that the grid is clearly not for the weather, began to study the range.

there was another pea on other tights and stockings.

She chose and she chose them – warm but not thick cashmere tights were full not too small, not too large as those in the grid, peas. It was "the same size"!

Peas were smooth like leather, and black tights, but gleamed when they fell light.

- what We need. she thought, paying for items.

She knew that in cold weather, perhaps the tights don't have to show off the peas and they will remain hidden under clothing.

But like a true woman, she knew that tights will be worn on her and she will know that they are in polka dots!

And this small detail will create the mood she needs, even when hidden.

Skillfully assembling the whole way, so it is important not to miss the details! Those ones that create a mood of mystery.

- Attention to detail! – she whispered, leaving in a snowstorm in a long skirt, under which shimmered a pea.

the years Passed, appeared and disappeared people, but the memory traces, the traces of those who attracted her once whole, but left it detail that made the man like no one else!

She suddenly remembered almost washed away by time features... This person seemed born in her soul once, and was embodied in reality. Many years have passed. And now she wasn't thinking about the person. She remembered the details – the little dash above the eyebrows, a strange birthmark and a voice.

Time has erased the total, leaving the dear detali.


it May take another few years, and Olivier would do differently, come up with new fabrics for stockings and tights, but I'm sure the peas will remain!

the point is in the details!

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