Pediculosis after the village


in the Summer I was sent to the village of Zagor'e to rest. To me there was a lot of fun. I played with other children, made a lot of acquaintances, communication with them was interesting. I liked to swing in a hammock by some girl in her garden. It was magical. Especially when two of us flew high up and then flew down. We laughed then. All were happy, and life seemed so light and airy.

I liked it when adults children drove me to the bike frame with mount. Transfixed, I raised my legs to not get shoes in the spoke of bike wheel. It was a little scary and at the same time happily. Especially when they rolled me in the evening. Driving through the wind past the village cemetery, they managed to tell me local stories of the dead and laughed. And I dreamed that we as quickly as possible swept past.

Remember how I went to another girl in her bath to play In the bath smelled of delicious herbs. In the village was a wooden Church, which I wanted to look. It was always locked, so never managed to go there. I went to visit a grandmother, which were four big dogs. She always greeted me with something tasty. I liked to walk in the woods for mushrooms and berries. Help me were few, but the process of searching and collecting – Yes. Adult pointed out to me on mushrooms, I quickly stripped, and gladly piled into a large basket. It was nice, then after the forest and scented baths eat fried mushrooms and potatoes with dill. Delicious.

I was nine years old and I had no inner barriers and limitations for communication. I liked to meet people, chat with them, make friendship. I took all of them. All were good, kind and cheerful in my worldview then. Communication with strangers and children then easily dropped and forgotten. It was complete freedom of choice of interests.

Not to say that we were completely left to themselves. Us controlled of course, but not so hard. We understand what is and what is not. I asked permission to leave the yard to visit. We played in the attic in the cards, "Akulina" (Queen of Spades), "snap", did some scrying hands. Still, I was told that I was sleep-walking at night. Talked about how they caught me on the way from the bed to the floor. Although I do not remember that. And it was weird.

I liked the garden with raspberry bushes, delicious pancakes with raspberry jam. Some of the berries were not in this magical garden: red, black, blue, white, yellow, green. Blueberries or blueberries with fresh milk I didn't like. Only the berries were eaten with pleasure. My hair was long, and I wore the headband on his head. Rested then I'm good, happily, and soon had me home, to get ready for school.

In the last week I started a friendship with a boy who loved to climb trees. The names of all those friends I don't know. And I met this boy walked, walked, and then went into the city.

at Home I started to itch my head, and I loved all infected with lice. Remember, like all of us: me, mom, grandma, sister and someone else, sitting in the evening in caps. And our heads smeared with kerosene. And under these plastic bags hot to sit on. Lice eliminated, and with them cut off my long hair. The haircut I had as a boy made then, briefly, briefly. It was called "model". Was sorry hair. For the photo I have with short hair is depicted.

Then we have all been remembering my return "from Zagorje", the smell of kerosene in the home, and family prevention and treatment of head lice. And I remembered that boy thought of him. The boy-friend who also got it from someone with lice. I wonder what it has become today. The memory of that summer.

my industry, but not immediately. First, I trimmed my Kare, but by eighth grade I still had long hair. I turn it on the rubber rollers, I went with curls. I could sleep in them by night – I don't know. But it's a big feat for a schoolgirl. Especially when she wants to be always beautiful, and example of this - her mother. This is a time I had in life. And, despite this trouble, I remember the warmth Zagorje, cows were on pasture, forest, nature, neighbor's house, people. It's a peaceful village and friendly people was at the time.

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