Under understand pedophilia sexual attraction to children of prepubertal or early puberty (before 12 years), including sexual fantasies, examining the communication on the Internet with children, the pursuit of sexual activity, violent acts (article 134 of the criminal code "Sexual intercourse and other actions of sexual character with a person letisim 16 years of age"). More common in adolescents, the 30-year-old and older men.

According to the ICD-10 (F65.4), a person with a sexual interest in children can be recognized as mentally ill if he acts in accordance with paedophilic urges or suffers from them at least six months. In accordance with the DSM-5, depending on the preferences object, there are hetero-, Homo-, bi - sexual pedophilia. The reasons for the development of pedophilia can be prenatal disorders, traumatic brain injury that affect's basic identity, and, as a consequence, the violation of psychosexual ontogenesis (formation: gender identity, sex-role behavior, psychosexual orientation).

Consider psychological causes:

1. Constant humiliation (especially from mother) in the family.

2. The experience of depression, anxiety disorders, occurrence of suicidal thoughts in adolescence.

3. Experiencing the negative mental state of loneliness, disorders of interpersonal communication.

4. Sexual abuse in childhood, which leads to the phenomena of "victim-perpetrator" or "victim-offender".

5. Dependent behaviour: pathological gambling, Internet addiction, etc.

6. Self-doubt combined with the characteristics of passive-aggressive personality disorders.

7. The combination of psychasthenic, hysteroid, asthenic types of personality disorders, accentuated character of the same types and syndrome of dependence on alcohol.

8. Sexual failure, psychosexual infantilism, delayed psychosexual development.

9. Unsuccessful sexual intercourse, sexual frustration, sexual phobias caused.

as an example, the reasons for the formation of pedophilia could be a movie Director Adrian Lyne's "Lolita" (1997), the novel of Vladimir Nabokov. It shows the story of an unhealthy attraction 50-year-old men, endured 14 years of age the shock over the loss of his girlfriend, who died of typhus. As you can see from the film, this novel does not bring happiness to anyone. The girl who did not see the father's love, which is undergoing a penchant for old women, not received the compensatory or the man with a penchant for pedophilia.

in addition, pedophiles are observed cognitive distortions. As noted by A. V. Bells, these persons have indicated a decline in the ability to understand the consequences of their actions for themselves (diminishing the significance of self-blame for sexual actions, the reduced estimate of the criminal responsibility for their actions) and the victim (the prosecution of a child in provocative behavior, attributing to it traits of adult, consenting intimate relationships). Cognitive distortions are expressed in the form of belittling the exception harm, and even positive consequences for victims of sexual assault. [1]

it Should be noted that Russia has created whole of the campaign against pedophiles. They are implemented at the state level: development of new and improvement of existing legislative acts that toughen the responsibility for the abuse of children, and social movements to identify pedophiles: the Monitoring centre under the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child P. A. Astakhov, specialized sites that volunteer online communities, groups in social networks, focused on the implementation of measures for the prevention of pedophilia and identification of pedophiles, with subsequent transfer of materials to law enforcement (program "deliver a pedophile, Complex social project for the protection of children", "Rodkontrolya") [2]

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