Pedophilia. What is it and how to protect your child.


Pedophilia is a diagnosis?

According to the ICD-10 pedophilia is one of the disorders of sexual preference is a sexual preference for children (both girls and boys), usually goubernator or early pubertal age. In the broadest sense, pedophilia means sexual attraction to children.

the French psychiatrist Roland Cotance suggests that not only mentally ill people experience sexual excitement from the children's body – "There are far more people able to be excited from children than you can imagine. But that doesn't mean that every adult people having sexual fantasies about the child, will immediately want to implement them. The danger is not in fantasies, but in the immaturity of the psyche. Some pedophiles never attack, because they have well-developed psychic organization, not allowing them to do that."

Indeed, much depends on a person's ability to keep themselves within, to cope with their inclinations. After all, if a man feels attracted to any woman, it does not mean that he will be attacked.

Who and why does not need (or can't) restrain himself?

Start to implement their fantasies on children in the action of those who have attraction to children outweighs the moral inhibitions, the fear of punishment and condemnation. Among them are people with additional psychiatric diagnoses – they may not enter into an internal conflict with himself, to be initially held back by fear and shame. Because of their diagnosis they do not apply to their actions critically and not able to perceive their behavior as immoral, criminal.

As a rule, pedophiles are characterized by low self-esteem, self-doubt. They are anxious, not able to contain their impulses. These features of personality are formed in a certain environment – the majority of pedophiles in childhood became victims of violence. Growing up, their sexual actions, they reproduce their children's traumatic experience (consciously or unconsciously). Also, as a child as a sexual object, they could fix in their minds that such relations adult and child – the norm.

Who are the children at risk of becoming a victim?

pedophiles Often choose a victim who is unable due to various factors to tell you about what happened. These are street children who have no one to turn to. Teenagers who like to communicate with adults, and who want to experience the first (or new) sexual experience. Also a victim of a pedophile can become a child of the dominant parents – such children are afraid to say no to an adult.

How to protect the child from pedophiles?

the Main method as a whole to protect their child is a trust in the family environment. Part of trust between the child and parents is the respect for the physical space of the child, his sexuality and its manifestations. Intolerance of parents in everything that relates to the sexuality of the child, increase the chance that one day he will decide to experiment in this area.

From an early age children should be informed that contact with strangers should be avoided. To say that nobody has the right to his/her touch your private body parts to encourage to touch anyone. If the child has any questions with regards to sexuality, their bodies – to be prepared to tactfully answer and explain. It is important that the child can find the answers to your questions from loved ones, did not feel wrong, and it was not painful scared in relation to the surrounding world.

Oksana Yurievna
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