Pedophilia and the Overton window!


for the last few years, the headlines of some online media are full of news about the legalization of pedophilia. "Legalization" here is not quite the word, because the emphasis is, basically, to equate pedophilia to sexual orientation. Well, for example, in a network of many such headlines as: "In Canada during the parliamentary hearings recognized pedophilia sexual orientation" or "psychiatric Association States in the diagnostic description of mental disorders has recognized pedophilia sexual orientation". In Russia it is difficult to raise this subject, because the last time in 2017, when someone from the LGBT community started to defend pedophiles, caught a lot of aggression on the part of citizens. 

And here we can recall the Overton Window. Need to add it to your article, not to forget. The Overton window is a step-by-step model of implementation in society of any ideas. For example, take the same pedophilia. How would it happen? (or rather)

Step 1. Unthinkable! Pedophilia is an abomination, baseness, crime, shock.

Step 2. Radically! To lift the ban on this subject helps TV and radio, where they begin, for example, to discuss the topic of pedophilia. We can talk on any subject, so why don't we talk about pedophilia? Why not write about it? Why not bring this to the public? Suppose, too, in the kitchen say.

3 Step. Acceptable! Here begins the presentation of the experts who say everywhere that it's okay. While the idea will be perceived by society as crazy, but a ban on the discussion has already been removed. Replaced semantics. In one of the implemented examples, for example, the word "homosexual"  it is rare where you can hear, most often "gay" or "sexual orientation". Semantic negativity is washed away. 

4 Step. Rationally! Created battlefield for the problem. Start talking about the fact that it's nature, the scientists, the experts constantly say that we should seek to understand. The society begins the hype on topics such as: "Pedophilia is genetically based", "Pedophilia was the norm 100,500 centuries ago", "Pedophilia is an orientation, he was born that way, what he was planting?", etc.

Step 5. Popular! There are people who are watching TV, you also begin to think about the correctness of the idea. Still seems crazy, but as usual, everybody is talking about it. Songs on the theme of pedophilia, romanticizing pedophilia, as well as the popular "flashy" topics in "May say" movies and books on the topic of pedophilia with provocative stories that collect the Oscars. And other talk shows, which put a ban on negative thoughts about it and feelings.

Step 6. Policy. There is an incredible amount of opinion polls, which supposedly has a huge percentage of pedophiles or latent "suffering" pedophiles form groups. Published data on the supporters of the legalization of pedophilia. In society introduces the idea that "the Ban on pedophilia removed".&Discussions of pedophilia so real and normal that negative attitude towards those who defy the pedophiles. Will need 2 generations to pedophilia has become the norm and died, those who have seen her ban.

So the Overton window gets open. Using this theory introduced a lot. For example: legal drugs, gay marriage, gender ideology, LGBT, etc. How to treat this theory is everyone's business. The evolution of society or degradation is, of course, debatable. The main thing that everyone lived with this heart and his head.

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