Pension with his own hands. Allowance for future retiree


the Retirement age in our country the concept turned out to be very loose — he seems to be there, but as it is not.

  • live to retirement, and sigh with relief on retirement not everyone is capable of.
  • This is 2 different tasks to survive until retirement and earn a comfortable retirement (the first task is solved through a healthy lifestyle, with the help of financial literacy).

Why not combine both tasks to "retirement" in the big money and from any age?

you can just use the well-known, but for some reason rarely used method:

  • Although, thanks to him, everyone will be able to "pay" a pension in your own size.
  • For this you will need throughout their working years to gradually accumulate and increase their financial capital, the interest from which will be your pension.

gradually Below are the steps that will help you to create your own "pension Fund":

1) Open a Deposit in the Bank.

note. Choosing Bank, it is better to stay in the state (since, unlike private banks, in this case you will risk to be left with nothing because of the bankruptcy or withdrawal of a license).

2) Start each month to buy shares.

since deposits usually have a low interest income, you should part of his salary to send to the stock exchange for the purchase of shares.

With the expectation of long-term growth of quotations — from ten years and longer.

3) take Care of your health.

still, it would be a pity to save a large sum of money, but to ruin their health due to bad habits.

To after retirement "voluntarily", you could afford to lead an active lifestyle and to travel the world, it is important to pay due attention to their health and longevity.

4) What are mutual Funds better?

If you are not adept in investing and do not know how and what stocks you should buy, then the best way to invest your money will be index mutual Funds (mutual funds).

They have a low entry threshold, it is sufficient to have 5-10 thousand rubles to start investing (thus laying a solid Foundation for your future comfortable life).

5) to move forward.

Even when stock prices will fall (which is inevitable with the worsening problems in the economy, new sanctions etc adverse circumstances), do not pay attention to these short-term changes in the value of the purchased securities.

  • Your task is a long-term formation of the financial capital. And it is only possible with many years of monthly use part of their salaries to capital for purchase of stock (or index mutual Funds).
  • Thus, by investing small amounts, you can make a fortune and live on the income from it.

6) the Final step.

when the value of your investment has reached a substantial size, the stock will need to sell, and the money be put on Deposit or buy bonds.

Get a interest You will be enough to never worry about raising the retirement age.

note 1. It is considered that the investment needed to invest large sums of money, and what little attachment to anything not capable. Such misconceptions lead to the fact that millions of people are forced to rely solely on the state pension (very small).
note # 2. Any result is the amount of daily steps. It's not how much money you invest. Most importantly — do it consistently. And then small steps will develop a huge and beautiful way.


  1. State Bank secure (keep your money in it).
  2. Doing every month, albeit small, investment You will be able to generate substantial financial capital (which is in the form of income from it will provide you with a decent pension).


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Stuart McPhee
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